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By offering water to the sun on the occasion of Phalgun Purnima and Sunday, vitality increases. | फाल्गुन पूर्णिमा और रविवार के संयोग पर सूर्य को जल चढ़ाने से बढ़ती है जीवन शक्ति

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  • Due to the date of Manwadi, fathers get satisfaction from Arghya given to Sun on this day.

Falgun also has a tradition of special worship of Lord Surya in the month. The worship of Surya has been considered very special in the month of Phalgun due to Uttarayana and spring season. At this time, the Sun Gods are the rulers and now the Sun has also entered the Northern Hemisphere. In this month, the effect of the Sun increases further by being closer to the Earth. During this time, the sun god named Pusha nourishes trees and plants on the earth with his rays. Due to the Falgun Purnima Manwadi Tithi, ancestors also get satisfaction from the Arghya given to the Sun on this day.

Coincidence of sunday and phalgun purnima
This time, the last day of Phalgun i.e. full moon date is coming on Sunday. On this day, the sun and the moon remain face to face. That is, we make composite sum of each other. This time the Moon will be in the constellation of Sun. Along with this, Ravi Yoga is also being made on this day. Therefore, worshiping Lord Surya in this auspicious coincidence will increase the biographical strength and fight against diseases.

Sun on spring festival
On Vasantotsav, Holi, creation is done by the rays of the sun. At this time, new cells are also formed in the body due to the effects of the sun’s rays. The rays of the sun are nourishing at this time. Through which trees and plants get nourishment. At this time, kapha made in the winter season is destroyed by the rays of the sun. The rays of the spring sun create a balance of vata, bile, and phlegm in the body.

Benefits of sun worship
It has been told in medical science that mental stress is overcome by the sun’s rays. This helps in getting out of depression. Vitamin D deficiency is overcome by standing in sunlight. Sunlight brings positive energy. Continuous viewing of the rising sun increases the light of the eyes. The rising sunlight brings energy to the body.

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