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Chaitra Navratri 2021: Das Mahavidya And Their Mantra To Worship – Chaitra Navratri 2021: नवरात्रि में दस महाविद्याओं की आराधना से पूर्ण होती हैं सभी मनचाही इच्छाएं

Chaitra Navratri 2021: In Navratri, devotees and seekers worship their favored tantra and try to get the desired boon by pleasing them. At this time, the devotees worship the Bhagwati Adyashakti in various forms, of which ten Mahavidyas are considered the most prominent.

Chaitra Navratri 2021: The words Mahavidya are Sanskrit words “Maha” (meaning great, vast, vast) and “Vidya” (meaning knowledge). Knowledge of eternal, eternal, great God is called Mahavidya. Jagadamba is the creator, director and destroyer of this world. They regulate the creation, operation and destruction of the universe through its ten different forms. These forms are respectively (1) Kali, (2) Tara, (3) Chinnamasta, (4) Shodashi, (5) Bhuvaneshwari, (6) Tripurbhairavi, (7) Dhumavati, (8) Bagalamukhi, (9) Matangi and (10) is called Kamala. These ten Mahavidyas are also believed to be associated with the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The seekers interpret them according to their own views.

These ten forms of Bhagwati Devi are divided into two Kul Kali Kul and Sri Kul. Some sages also divide these forms of Goddesses into fiery, mild and mild-fiery forms according to nature. Furious has black, chinnamasta, dhoomvati and bagalamukhi. Saumya has Tripurasundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Matangi and Mahalakshmi (Kamala). Tara and Bhairavi are considered to be both fierce and gentle.

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1. Black
Their cultivation is done to eradicate disease, evil spirits and planets, to avoid fear of premature death, to attain the attainment of speech accomplishment, poetry. His mantra is as follows:
“ॐ क्री क्री ं दक्षिण दक्षिण दक्षिण दक्षिण दक्षिण दक्षिण हा हा हा हा” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ””

2. Star
Tara is also called Tarini. She follows her devotee like a mother. Their practice leads to both enjoyment and salvation. His mantra is-
“7 women I am torn”

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3. Tripura Sundari
This Sakshata is the supreme God who is able to get his seeker out of every trouble. They are worshiped by the following mantra-
“ॐ ह ं श्री श्री ं ुर ुर ुर ुर री री ः ः“ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ “

4. Bhuvaneshwari
This goddess gets delighted in a very short time and gives the desired boon. To make them happy, one should chant the following mantra.
“Om and Shri Shree Namah”

5. Cinnamon
Their cultivation is considered very intense. It provides immediate relief to the immediate destroyer of Goddess Shatru, who gives success, is successful in employment, promotion in job, court case etc. Anyone can be subdued by their practice. They are worshiped with the following mantra-
“I am Mr. Vine and Vairochaniye Hoon Fata Swaha:”

6. Tripur Bhairavi
Mother Tripura Bhairavi is practiced for the solution of problems like ghosts and ghosts. They protect the devotees from all tantric experiments and fulfill their every desire. His mantra is as follows:
“Om Hari Bhairavi Kalon Hr Swaha”

7. Fumigation
Their practice destroys all kinds of poverty and ends the effect of tantra-mantra performed by others. They are worshiped with the following mantra-
“Om Dhun Dhumvati Dewai Swaha:”

8. Baglamukhi
Mother Baglamukhi, who destroys enemies, is worshiped only when there is no other path left. It is the destructive power that destroys even the strongest enemy. The following mantra is used in these pujas-
“Om Hin Baglamukhi Devai Hin Om Namah”

9. Matangi
This is the benign form of Bhagwati. They can be worshiped for the attainment of any thing in life. She is happy immediately and gives a desired bridesmaid. His mantra is as follows:
“ॐ Hryan and Bhagwati Matangeswari Shrima Swaha:”

10. Kamala
She is worshiped as Lakshmi on Diwali. By worshiping them all the enjoyment, opulence or beautiful things of the world can be obtained. The following mantra is used in their worship-
“Om hasau: jagat prasuttai swaha:”