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chaitra navratri puja vidhi, how to worship to goddess durga, chaitra navratri pujan in hindi | देवी दुर्गा को लाल चुनरी और लाल फूल चढ़ाएं, दीपक जलाकर करें मंत्रों का जाप, अधार्मिक कामों से बचें

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  • Chaitra Navratri from April 13 to 21 can also be chanted with the help of a Brahmin.

Today, Navratri of Chaitra month has started from Tuesday, April 13. This festival of Durga Puja will last till Wednesday, 21 April. In these days, chanting of Durga Saptashati and chanting of mantras of Goddess is of special importance. If chanting the mantra with the right method, with devotion and concentration can yield positive results very quickly. Keep in mind that there should be no mistake in pronunciation while chanting the mantra. The chanting person should take special care of cleanliness. Avoid evils like irreligious acts like stealing, lying, disrespecting parents, insulting women, greed, intoxication etc.

Jyotishacharya Pt. Manish Sharma of Ujjain said that if we are having trouble chanting mantras or we are not able to chant mantras correctly, then chanting these mantras can also be done with the help of a Brahmin. Offer red chunari and red flowers to Goddess Durga.

Simple method of chanting mantras

Wake up early in the morning every day in Chaitra Navratri. After bathing etc., first worship Ganesha in the temple of the house and then worship Goddess Durga. In puja, anoint the idol of the goddess mother, offer clothes. Offer flowers Perform Aarti by lighting incense and lamps. After this, sit on the posture and chant the mantras.

For chanting mantras, one can use a beads of red sandalwood or a garland of Rudraksh or a crystal. The number of chants should be at least 108.

These are some special mantras of the Mother Goddess

  • Hoon hh dun durgayai nam:
  • Sarvamangal mangalye shive savarth sadhike. Sharanyetryambake Gauri Narayani Namostute.
  • Un Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini. Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri Swaha Swadha Namoastutte.
  • I am here and there.

The devotees chanting the mantra must keep these things in mind

Chant these mantras with correct pronunciation only. If there is a mistake in the pronunciation of the mantra chanting, the chanting does not yield, the worship can be fruitless.

Wake up early in the morning and chant mantras in the temple of the house or any other goddess temple after bathing. Avoid wrongdoings. The person chanting the mantra should work completely according to the religion.

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