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Christmas gives the message of peace and love, traditions teach the love and unity | शांति और प्रेम का संदेश देता है क्रिसमस, प्रेम और एकता की सीख देती हैं परंपराएं

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9 days ago

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  • Saint Nicholas was the first Santa, he devoted his entire life to Jesus

People from all over the world celebrate Christmas on 25 December every year. It is the biggest festival of Christians. On this day, Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ) was born, so it is also called the big day. The church is specially decorated to this day. Prayer meetings are held in the churches on the night before Christmas, which lasts until 12 noon. This year, due to Corona infection, in many places these prayers will be done in the evening and in some places the church may be closed on Christmas day.

Already got the hint
It is believed that before the birth of Jesus, it was predicted that a son of God is going to be born on earth, who will save people. The first news of Jesus’ birth was given to Gaderio. At the same time a star is said to have indicated the birth of God. By the age of 30, he roamed many places and taught people. Jesus had already known of his death. He told this to his followers. It is also told that he had prayed to God for the people who killed him while swinging on the cross, that God forgive them, they are immature.

Peace doesn’t exist
Christmas brings a message of peace. In the scriptures, Jesus is called the prince of peace. Jesus always said as a greeting that peace be with you, no existence is possible without peace. The religion of hatred, conflict, violence and war has no place in this religion. Perhaps this is the reason that Christmas is celebrated with much fanfare not in any one country or nation.

Saint nicholas was the first santa
Saint Nicholas devoted his entire life to Jesus. They used to give gifts to children in the dark of night on the occasion of Jesus’ birthday. This Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus for children and from there the name became popular all over the world.

Tradition for love and unity
People sing carols during Christmas in praise of God. On this day, people decorate their houses with Christmas tree. Light up every corner of the house. After the morning prayer in the church, people go to each other’s house and offer good wishes.