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One month ago

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  • Do Lakshmi Puja on 4 December and donate milk to the needy people, on this day the moon will be in Cancer

On the morning of Friday, December 4, Chandra entered the Cancer sign. Due to the Punarvasu Nakshatra on Friday, an inauspicious yoga is being formed named Lumbak. If you do any auspicious work in this yoga, extra care should be taken. On Friday, offer Goddess Lakshmi with the conch shell on the right side. Donate milk to needy people for the planet Venus.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, know how it will be on Friday, December 4 for all 12 zodiac signs …


Positive– Do any of your work with planning and positive thinking will give you new direction. You will also have a tendency towards spiritual work. The youth will be serious about their future. Have faith in your work ability than others.

Negative– Due to your carelessness some problems may arise. Which will also have a negative effect on your mental state. Postpone any travel at this time. And avoid doing any unfair work.

The business– Also prioritize the decisions of your colleagues in professional work. You will definitely benefit. New contracts will also be won. But do not take any risk in business at this time. Employed people will soon get their desired place.

Love– The husband and wife will be able to solve the problems of the house by mutual reconciliation. Stay away from people of opposite sex, because there is a possibility of defamation.

Health– Over-thinking and stress can lead to headaches and stomach upset. Control your emotions.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 6


Positive– You will be fully focused towards your goal and move forward and achieve success. By controlling expenses, you will be able to get rid of the economic problem. Respect for religious and spiritual works will keep your nature humble.

Negative– But keep in mind one thing is not to trust anyone too much. You may get cheated. Students will lack concentration towards studies. Do not waste your time in social media and useless things.

The business– Today, a lot of hard work is required in business. One after another, problems will arise. Keep the postponement of the expansion plans in the business at this time. Officers and colleagues will be fully supported in the job.

Love– Family atmosphere will be pleasant. Some misunderstandings can occur in love relationships, so settle them in time.

Health– Avoid stress, depression and seasonal diseases. Along with proper eating, eat Ayurvedic things too.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 5


Positive– There will be a lot of happiness in the mind due to sudden development of an impossible task. But do not disclose your personal matters. By doing any work secretly, you will get the expected success. The blessings and support of the elders will remain on the family.

Negative– When spending on household amenities, keep in mind your budget as well. There is a situation of any kind of loss at this time, due to which there will be an excess of expenses. Sometimes your temperamental nature can cause problems for you.

The business– Businesses related to outside area will achieve great success. You will get victory in the ongoing competition from the surrounding traders. Therefore kept working hard. Employment people should not be careless about their actions at all.

Love– Due to unnecessary stress and irritability, it will also affect your home family. Any good news related to the child’s career can be found.

Health– People affected by hereditary disease keep their working style, routine and diet organized.

Lucky color– White

Lucky number– 9


Positive– Make your political relations more strong, important achievements are expected at this time. Students will be successful in any interview or competitive examination. The economic situation will also be better at this time.

Negative– There may be some quarrel or conflict with neighbors. Try to solve any problem in a peaceful manner instead of anger and anger. Keep in mind that no outsider can harm you.

The business– With the cooperation and advice of colleagues and employees at the business site, you will be able to resume the stopped activities. New orders are also likely to be received. There can also be a beneficial journey at this time.

Love– There will be a chance to join any religious celebration with the family. And the atmosphere of the house will also remain pleasant.

Health– There will be problem of muscle strain and pain. Rested from time to time. Consume energy boosters.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 4


Positive– The sum is to get the best success in property related activities. Positive results will also be achieved in finance related work. Some entertainment related programs will also be made with friends and family, which will keep the mind cheerful.

Negative– Restrain your emotions at this time. You can take advantage of this weakness. Do not get into any debate with anyone. Otherwise the police etc. can get dizzy. Stay away from risk related tasks too.

The businessTry to settle the work on your own rather than depending on others at the workplace. Do not share your plans and methodology with anyone. A colleague’s negative attitude can make you nervous.

Love– Emotional relationship between husband and wife will be sweet. There will be more closeness in love affairs too.

Health– Due to wrong catering, the throat can get worse. Due to which fever will also be felt.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 7


Positive– Making your decisions very carefully and handling tasks yourself will be your special quality. At this time, you will be able to achieve significant achievements by keeping your routine organized. Stalled money will be received in pieces, but this will make the economic situation somewhat better.

Negative– Keep in mind that no senior person should be insulted by you. Sometimes the desire to know deeply on a subject can distract you from your goal. Make your contribution in social activities too.

The business– Luck in business is completely in your favor. Your work will be done spontaneously. But competition will have to be faced. Do not ignore the activities of employees at this time, there may be some split.

Love– There will be sweetness in husband-wife relationship. Suddenly meeting an opposite sex friend will bring back fond memories.

Health– Do not be careless about health. There may be a problem like allergy or urin infection.

Lucky color– Orange

Lucky number 1


Positive Doing every work in a planned way and devoted to your work will give you success. Important investment plans will also be made. There is also the possibility of having a profitable trip to a distant place.

Negative– Sometimes anger and anger in your nature can do you some harm. And because of this nature, relations with close people will also get spoiled. Students should take care of their health, because of this there can be a disruption in education.

The business– Time is going well for business. Your work will be done automatically. But keep in mind that people of some negative instinct may be plotting towards you. The association of job professionals with their high officials will be positive.

Love– Sour-sweet relationship will remain in the relationship between husband and wife. Family get together with friends at this time.

Health– Due to fatigue, problems like foot pain and swelling will remain. There is a need to take a lot of rest along with work.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 8


Positive– Time is reputable. You will cross all obstacles with your speech and move forward. And meeting special people will also be meaningful. Your work style will be appreciated. There will also be movement of guests in the house and time will be spent laughing.

Negative– Excess of expenses will affect your budget. Sometimes time can get out of hand to think too much. Therefore, along with making plans, try to implement them as well.

The businessProfit-making situations are being created in the business related to insurance and policy. But there will be tension due to excess of competition, although you will be able to succeed in it. There will be tension due to excess of workload on government serving persons.

Love– There will be happiness in married life and meeting an opposite sex friend will freshen up old memories.

Health– There may be problem like infection. Women should take special care of their health.

Lucky color– Sky

Lucky number– 3


Positive– Before doing any work, do a thorough investigation about it, this will give you the best results. And respect and status will increase in society also. The children will have a relaxed atmosphere at home due to any achievement.

Negative– Due to your insistence on a close relative, your relationship may get spoiled. It is very important to take care of the dignity of the relationship at this time. Keep documents related to house and car very much.

The business– All work in the field will be completed systematically. But someone’s wrong advice can be harmful for you. Therefore, do not rely more on others and keep your decision paramount. Employed people should also keep their files and papers.

Love– Some differences may arise in husband-wife relationship. You need to make some changes in your nature. Family acceptance will be obtained in love relationships.

Health– Health will remain good. But it is very important to keep your daily routine and food organized.

Lucky color– Cream

Lucky number– 4


PositiveToday, deviate from everyday routine and spend your time in self observation too. This will give you an understanding of getting solutions from your problems. Equality of income and expenditure will remain. There will also be a round of meeting with a close friend.

NegativeAt this time, do not put too much discipline on others and bring some flexibility in your behavior. This will improve relations. Also, instead of thinking too much, take time to implement your plans too.

The business– Postpone any type of partnership today. And focus more on your personal business. Financial matters will improve. Things will remain normal in job-related tasks, no best situation is being created right now.

Love– Ego-related conflict may arise between husband and wife. Working wisely will make the relationship sweet.

Health– Health will be somewhat soft. At this time it is necessary to protect yourself from the change of weather. So do not be careless.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 6


PositiveAt this time planetary position and luck are making auspicious occasion for you. But instead of hurry, try to settle the work in a peaceful manner. Meeting with close people will prove beneficial. Working on an important topic will give you success.

NegativeSometimes situations like pride and over-confidence can be harmful for you. Do follow the advice of the elders of the house, you will definitely get some important suggestions.

The business– When borrowing or taking loans for business purposes, please think once again. And also be careful in money transactions. Employed people will have to bear some problems in adjusting their office.

Love– You will get full support of your life partner in difficult times. To get rid of stress, spend some time in entertainment and fun.

Health– Due to negligence in food, digestive system problems may occur. Constipation and gas will cause trouble.

Lucky color– Saffron

Lucky number– 8


Positive– The tasks which were hindered for some time, will be solved in a very easy and easy way today. There will also be time spent in shopping such as clothing, jewelery. Relations with close people will bring more closeness.

Negative– Listen to children’s problems in a peaceful manner, and try to solve them in a peaceful way. This will boost their confidence. Trust the reality by not paying much attention to imaginary things.

The business– There are chances of getting some new contracts today. But while finalizing any deal, be sure to consider all its aspects. The path of profit will remain paved. Do your tasks carefully in the office otherwise you may have to bear resentment from the officer class.

Love– There will be sweetness in husband-wife relationship. But due to poor health of life partner, you will have to give full support at home too.

Health– Cervical and shoulder pain will disturb. Pay full attention to yoga and exercise.

Lucky color– Blue

Lucky number– 3