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Dhanteras Diwali 2020; Interesting Fact About Kerala Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Temple and Uttarakhand Surkanda Devi Mandir Dhanaulti | केरल के विष्णु मंदिर में औषधियों से बनी है मूर्तियां और उत्तराखंड के शक्तिपीठ में मिलता है औषधि का प्रसाद

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  • Dhanteras Diwali 2020; Interesting Fact About Kerala Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Temple And Uttarakhand Surkanda Devi Mandir Dhanaulti

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2 month ago

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  • The idols in the Anant Padmanabhaswamy temple are made from a mixture of more than 70 medicines.
  • Ronsali leaves found in Surkanda Shaktipeeth are also considered effective in the treatment of cancer.

The sacred festival of Lord Dhanvantari is celebrated on Dhanteras. This time this festival will be celebrated on 12 November. Dhanvantari, the father of Ayurveda, is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On this day, medicines are also worshiped along with them. There are 2 temples in the two corners of the country, north and south, which are connected with medicines. There is a temple of Lord Vishnu in Kerala in the southern corner of the country where idols are made of medicines. At the same time, a Shaktipeeth of Uttarakhand where a curative medicine is found in the form of Prasad. Both these temples are unique in themselves.

Anant Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kerala
This temple is in Anantapur village in Kasargod district. Which is situated in the middle of the lake spread over 302 sq km, so it is also called Lake Temple. This temple is about 1100 years old. All the sculptures present here are not made of any metal or stone, but rather, they are made from a mixture of more than 70 special medicines, which are called Kadusharkara Yogam.

  • The ceiling of the mandapa of this temple has very beautiful wood carvings. These carvings tell the story of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Some of these have been painted with natural colors. On either side of the sanctum sanctorum, wooden gateways named Jai and Vijay have been made. It is believed that Lord Vishnu came here and went to Thiruvananthapuram by a cave route.

Surkanda Devi Shaktipeeth, Chamba
Surkanda Mata Temple is reached on foot on the Mussoorie road in Uttarakhand by climbing about one and a half km from Kadukkhal town. This shrine is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Surkanda Devi Temple is also considered one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The temple’s priest Ramesh Prasad Lekhwar says that the head of Goddess Sati fell on Mount Surkut here. Hence it is called Surkanda Temple. This temple has a statue of the destroyer goddess Kalika. The mention of this shrine is also found in Skandpuran. This temple is right on the top of the mountain and is surrounded by dense forests.

  • The special thing here is the offerings of this temple. Here, the leaves of Ransali are offered to the devotees as offerings, which are also rich in medicinal properties. His botanical name is Texas Bakata. According to Dr. Gulati, these leaves are also considered effective in preventing lung cancer due to their medicinal properties.
  • According to religious belief, these leaves also bring happiness and prosperity in the house. These leaves are found only in the Himalayan forests. It has the status of Devvriksha. That is why the wood of this tree is not used either in the building or commercially.