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Ekadashi was revealed on the eleventh date of Krishna Paksha of Aghaan month | अगहन महीने के कृष्णपक्ष की ग्यारहवीं तिथि पर हुआ था एकादशी का प्राकट्य

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24 days ago

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  • According to Padma Purana, fasting of Utpana Ekadashi gives the fruits of many yagyas.

The fast of Utpana Ekadashi is observed on the Ekadashi date of Krishnapaksha of Aghan month. This time this fast is being observed on 10 and 11 December due to the almanac of distinction. According to Padma Purana, fasting or fasting on this day eliminates all kinds of sins. Along with this, you also get the fruits of performing many yagyas. According to the scriptures, even if you do not keep fast on Ekadashi, rice should not be eaten on the day of Ekadashi. In this fast one can do fruitful.

Sri Krishna told Dharmaraja Yudhishthira about the origin and importance of Ekadashi
On the eleventh date of Krishnapaksha of Margashirsha month, Ekadashi date appeared from Lord Vishnu, that is, it was born. Hence, on this day Utpana Ekadashi is observed. It is also called Utpattika, Utpana, Prakatya and Vaitarani Ekadashi. According to the Padma Purana, Shri Krishna told Dharmaraja Yudhishthira about the origin of this Ekadashi and its importance. In fasting, Ekadashi is considered to be the main and the bestower of all siddhis.

The result of this fast is more than thousands of yagyas
It is told in the texts that observing the fast of Utpana Ekadashi gives a virtue equal to performing the Ashwamedha Yajna. The person doing this fast should avoid the company of evil, sinful, evil people. Eating food during Ekadashi fast eliminates virtue. According to religious scriptures, the result of this fast is more than thousands of yagyas.

The fast starts one day already

  1. One day before Utpadna Ekadashi i.e. Dashmi Tithi, after the evening meal, please give it a good tooth so that part of the food does not remain in the mouth. After this do not eat anything, do not speak too much.
  2. Get up early in the morning of Ekadashi and take a vow after taking a bath. Worship Lord Vishnu or Shri Krishna with sixteen things like incense, lamp, naivedya etc. and offer lamp at night. Do not sleep at night There is a law to perform bhajan-kirtan throughout this fast.
  3. During this fast, forgiveness should be done for those who have known sins before or unknowingly. Next day worship God again in the morning. Eat food yourself after giving food to Brahmins and donating it.