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Get blessings of all jyotish planets by using just one trick

Effect of offering raw milk to cow shellfish…

Today’s problems in life are constantly affecting people badly. In such a situation where many times people do not get the full results of their hard work, according to astrology, many times the position of planets stops you from being successful.

In relation to such troubles, astrologer Pandit Sunil Sharma says that with the help of one act we can reduce our side effects to a great extent besides pleasing many of our planets.

But due to not being aware of everyone in this regard, not all of us are able to take advantage of it, according to Pandit Sharma, in fact, playing conch shells is considered to be extremely auspicious during any religious event, Katha, pooja, bhajan-kirtan etc. .

The sound emanating from the conch shell destroys negative energy and harmful bacteria and viruses present in the environment, which also provides health benefits.

Shankh is one of the fourteen gems
Conch shell is also believed to be one of the fourteen gems originating at the time of Samudra Manthan. Shankha is very useful in terms of religious and health. By playing conch, Kumbhak, laxative and Pranayama actions are done simultaneously, so health is also right.

Due to the formation of calcium carbonate, if the conch is consumed in the morning by filling Ganga water overnight, then there is no deficiency of calcium element in the body and prevention of minor diseases.

According to Ayurveda, the medicinal use of Shankha Bhasma gives hopeful benefits in diseases related to heart attack, blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, brain and nervous system. Ringing the conch in a rhythmic manner strengthens the lungs and blood is also purified by the flow of pure oxygen in the body.

Useful in planetary harmony
Shankh has also been considered a useful gem for the peace and happiness of the Navagrahas. For the happiness of the Sun planet, water should be offered to the Sun God from the conch at sunrise. To remove the inauspicious effects of the lunar planet, fill raw milk of cow in conch shell and offer it to Lord Shiva on Monday.

To make Mars friendly, reciting Sundarkand on Tuesday is easy and best solution. For the happiness of the planet Mercury, one should offer water and basil party in the conch shell and offer it on Shaligram, while to appease the Guru Griha, worshiping Lord Vishnu by applying saffron tilak on the south flank on Thursday.

To remove the inauspicious effects of the planet Venus, the conch should be wrapped in white cloth and kept in the house of worship. To get wealth and economic prosperity, fill rice in conch shell and wrap it in red cloth and keep it in a vault or wardrobe that opens towards north.

Conch for happiness and prosperity-
The southern conch is said to be the form of Mahalakshmi Ji, the goddess of wealth. Therefore, for the benefit of wealth and happiness and prosperity, one should keep it in the north-east direction in the house or in the house of the house and worship that conch shell with a lamp.

To avoid the effects of Pitra dosha, Pitra is pleased by offering water in the southern conch and watering on the Amavasya and Saturdays in the south direction, giving auspicious blessings, causing problems like home discord, obstruction of work, inferiority and lack of money Begins to decrease.