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Goddess Lakshmi story in hindi, aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, we should remember these tips about money | जिस घर में सभी लोग सुख-शांति और प्रेम से रहते हैं, वहां देवी लक्ष्मी हमेशा वास करती हैं

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  • Goddess Lakshmi Story In Hindi, Aaj Ka Jeevan Mantra By Pandit Vijayshankar Mehta, We Should Remember These Tips About Money

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3 hours agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story – There are many stories about the birth of Mahalakshmi and the grace of Lakshmiji. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi is fickle. That is why when she is kind to someone, the style of that grace is unique. Goddess Lakshmi came in the dream of a very rich person in olden times. The goddess said to Dhani, ‘I see that your virtue is slowly coming to an end. As soon as it is completely over, I will leave you and leave, but because you are a good person, I can fulfill your wish on the go. You can ask for whatever you want.

The rich man said, ‘Let me talk to my three sons and wife first, then I will tell you what I want.’

After waking up in the morning, the rich man told his sons and wife the dream. The elder son said, ‘Without hesitating, you may ask for a lot of jewelry and cash.’

The second son said, ‘Ask for a lot of houses and wealth.’ The third son said, ‘Ask for a lot of shops and amenities.’

Now the rich man asked his wife, ‘What is your wish, what should you ask of the goddess?’

Dhani’s wife was very religious and intelligent. She said, ‘She will also give Laxmi what her three sons are asking for, but Devi is saying that after this she will leave. If Lakshmi had gone out of these material things, then these things are of any use to us? We see Gods and Goddesses in wealth, that’s why we worship. Our way of earning money and spending money should be sacred. You ask Lakshmi, Goddess, don’t give us all this, but ask for this bridesmaid, love and compassion in our house. ‘

The next day the goddess again appeared in the dream of a rich person. Dhani asked for what his wife had said. Laxmiji was very pleased to hear her and said, ‘Some Lakshmi would have advised you to ask for this.’

Learning – Wealth can come into the house in the wrong way too, but such wealth gives unrest. Always earn money properly and should live lovingly in your home. Keep calm and help others. Goddess Lakshmi always dwells in homes where this is taken care of.

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