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Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple in chamoli district, Gopeshwar temple in chamoli, significance of gopeshwar temple | गोपेश्वर महादेव मंदिर में है खास त्रिशूल, छोटी उंगली लगाने पर त्रिशूल में होता है कंपन्न

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14 days ago

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  • The importance of Gosthal is told in Kedarkhand of Skandpuran, the idols of Shiva and Parvati are enshrined in the temple.

An ancient temple named Gopeshwar is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is known as Gosthal. It is believed that Pashvishwar Mahadev resides in the temple along with Goddess Parvati. According to Badrinath Dharmadhikari Bhuvanchandra Uniyal, this pilgrimage has been told in Kedarkhand of Skandpuran.

गोस्थलकं स्मृतम्।

Tatrahan sarvada devi nivasami tvaya co.

Namna Pashvishvara: Famous devotees Preetivardhana :.

त्रिशूलं मामकं तत्र चिन्हमाश्चर्यरूपकम् ।।

(Skanda Purana, Kedarkhand, Chapter-55, Verse 07-08)

According to this verse, Shiva tells Maa Parvati that this is a scenic place named Gosthal. Where I live with you daily, my name is Pushvishwar. In this place, the devotion of devotees increases. The trident which is our iconography there, is surprising.

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कनिष्ठया तु यत्स्पृष्टं भक्त्या तत्कंपते मुहुः ।।

(Skanda Purana, Kedarkhand, Chapter-55, Verse 09)

If you try to move this trident with strength, it will not be staggered at all, but when touched with junior finger (the smallest finger of the hand) with devotion, the trident vibrates repeatedly.

Dharmadhikari Uniyal told that I have seen this miracle with my own eyes. When I touched the trident with a devout little finger, the two pebbles in the trident were vibrated. However, the trident did not move at all when shaking by hand.

Another sign of Sampravakshyami is Tatra Sureshwari.

The evergreen wreath

(Skanda Purana, Kedarkhand, Chapter-55, Verse 10)

There is a tree right next to the temple, which is always full of flowers in every season.

Pashmati preadhyay va vasami jhashketuha

Maya Tatra Pura Dagdo Jhashketurmaheshwari.

Jhasketuharo namna sarvatirthaphalapradah.

(Skanda Purana, Kedarkhand, Chapter-55, Verse 13)

According to Kedarkhanj, Mahadev had consumed Kamdev at this place with his third eye. That is why Shiva is also called Jhashketuhar in this region.

Hush means – Pisces, Fish

Ketu means – Flag

There is a sign of Pisces on the flag of Cupid.

Kama’s Slayer – Jhashketuho

Rateshwar eti khyato mam sangamukamak.

Ratikundam ch tratasti namna mallokakikam.

(Skanda Purana, Kedarkhand, Chapter-55, Verse 15)

Lord Shivji was also named Ratishwar at this place, because after Kamdev was consumed, Kamadeva’s wife Rati performed intense penance near a pool here and Lord Shiva gave her a boon that Kamadeva was born as Lord Krishna’s son as Pradyumna. Take it and you will meet them.

Where Rati meditated, that pool was named Ratikund. Also known as Vaitaranikund. Kamadeva is born as Pradyumna in Dwarka and Rati is also reborn as Mayawati.