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haridwar mahakumbh 2021. first shahi snan on 11 March; Naga sadhus facts in hindi, unknown facts of naga sadhu | 11 मार्च को पहला शाही स्नान; नागा साधु गंगा में लगाएंगे डुबकी, 17 चीजों से होता है इनका श्रृंगार

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It is Mahashivaratri on Thursday, 11 March. On this day, the first royal bath will also be held at Haridwar Kumbh. In this royal bath, millions of Naga sadhus from all over the country will take a dip in the Ganges. Such a large number of Naga sadhus appear together only in the royal bath of Kumbh. After the Kumbh, all the monks go to live in secret habitat. Naga monks attract everyone due to their special makeup. Few people know that 17 things are used in the makeup of a Naga monk.

Naga monks appear in royal bath with full makeup

The royal bath of the Kumbh Mela consists of Naga sadhus with full adornment. Naga sadhus rarely get a chance to see the whole makeup. These 17 things are used in the makeup of Naga sadhus. Nappies, sandalwood, hard on the feet, ring, panchkesh, flower garland in the waist, roli paste on the forehead, kundal, tongs in hands, damru, yantas, tilak, kajal, kadha in hands, kamandal, paste of ashes on the body, The arms are adorned with Rudraksha.

These are other things related to Naga Sadhu

The meaning of Naga Sadhu is that Sadhus who live without clothes are Naga Sadhus. They are also called Naga Saints. Adi Guru Shankaracharya created four peeths to establish and protect Sanatana Dharma. These four benches are still running in the four corners of the country. These peeths are Govardhan Peeth, Sharada Peeth, Dwarika Peeth and Jyotirmath Peeth. There are 13 akharas under these benches. Naga monks live in these akharas. It is believed that Naga Sadhus protect Sanatana Dharma like a soldier.

Life of a Naga monk is very difficult

Life of Naga Sadhus is very difficult. It is like penance. Always stay away from the society and spend the whole time in chanting devotional worship and recitation. A normal person has to go through a long process to become a Naga monk. It takes many years.

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