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here is his miraculous temple in india

The temple where you get rid of sins by mere sight…

In Hinduism, the Sun God is considered to be one of the Adipanch Devs, while on the weekly days, the Sun God is considered a Sunday. Due to which special worship of Sun God is done on this day, according to the belief that if Sun God is worshiped on this day, then man gets good fruit. With which the person worshiping Suryadev gets status, prestige and success in his life, as well as knowledge and happiness.

In such a situation, today we are telling you about such a famous and miraculous temple of Sun God, which remains a major center of the faith of devotees. In connection with this temple, it is said that the devotee comes here and sees the sun god, all his wishes are fulfilled, not only that, but the person gets rid of all his sins.

Actually, today we are going to tell you about a temple about which people even claim that a bath in the pool built in this temple opens up the fate of the people. Yes, the temple we are talking about today is the Sun Temple situated in Lohagirl of Rajasthan Jhunjhunu district ..

According to the local people here, all the wishes of the devotees who visit this temple are fulfilled. In this temple, the sun god sits with his wife, this temple is said that after the war of Mahabharata, all the Pandavas came here to get rid of their sins and they took a bath in the pool made in this temple, After bathing in this pool, the Pandavas got freedom from all their sins.

People say that if a person takes a bath in this famous temple of Sun God, then it is believed that that person gets rid of all his sins, not only that if a person has skin If there is any kind of problem related to it, then bathing in this pool gives him freedom from all the diseases related to the skin, that is, the diseases related to his skin are cured, while the devotee who comes here and sees the Sun God, cuts off all his sins. Go.

It is said that inside this temple, the devotees often come to see the Sun God with their troubles and troubles, it is believed that the devotee who comes here with his true mind and sees all the troubles of his life by the grace of the Sun God. She goes away. People come from far and wide to visit this Sun Temple, especially those suffering from skin related problems, come here to bathe in the pool and get relief from their problem, the people of this temple are unwavering Trust remains.