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Here Mata Lakshmi is worshiping Lord Krishna even today

Ruthi Devi Lakshmi from Kanhaiya is still worshiping her here today, know where is the temple and what is history? ….

In the religious stories of Sanatan Dharma, you must also have read or heard stories of Kanhaiya and Sriradharani’s love and persuasion. But today with whom we are going to introduce you, it is not about Kanha and Radharani but of Goddess Lakshmi with Kanhaiya. So let us know what happened to the fact that mother Lakshmi was upset and is still waiting for Muralidhar to come here?

The temple of Lakshmi Mata is still present here
Actually, the temple we are talking about today is the temple of Mata Lakshmi located in Belvan. Belvan comes from Vrindavan on the way to the Yamuna crossing the mont. This temple is quite old and famous. It is said that at this place there was a dense forest of vine trees earlier. That is why it is known as Belvan. Lord Krishna and Balarama used to graze with their friends in these forests, and this famous temple of Maa Lakshmi is situated in these forests.

Story of Maa Lakshmi and Kanhaiya
The story goes that once in Braj, Shri Krishna was doing Raslila with Radha and other gopis. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi also wished to see this Raslila of Lord Krishna. For this she went directly to Braj. But when Radhaji got information about this in Vrindavan, Radhaji got worried. Seeing them worried, Krishna asked him the reason for his concern.

Radhaji said that if Mahalakshmi came here Madhava and she too joined the Maharas, then Gopibhava would also arise in them. And if Gopibhava emerges in Mahalakshmi, then all the glory of the world will be destroyed. The whole world will become a Bairagi without devotion to Lakshmi. And if this happens, how will this world go. Madhav, how can you stop Mahalakshmi from coming to Vrindavan.

No one other than the gopikas was allowed entry to see this Rasleela. In such a situation, they were stopped. After this she got angry and sat facing Vrindavan and started penance.

Actually it is said that when Mata Mahalakshmi reached Belavan, only then Shri Krishna came in the form of a Gwal boy. He asked Mata Mahalakshmi, “Where are you going?” Mahalakshmi Ji said, I am going to see that eight year old boy for whom all the gods have come to Vrindavan and Mahadev himself has also come to Vrindavan to join his organized Maharas. I also want to enjoy Maharas with that child.

To this, Shri Krishna, as Gwal, said, “You cannot go to Vrindavan.” Mahalakshmi ji became angry with this, and said, “You are stopping me from going.” Then Shri Krishna, as Gwal, said, “Goddess! You cannot enter Maharas with this pride and anger. To get admission in Maharas, you have to abandon all these and bring gopibhav in you only then you can get admission in Maharas. “

Maa Lakshmi made a mess for Shri Krishna
It is said that when Mother Lakshmi was sitting down to do penance, at that time Shri Krishna was tired of doing raslila and she told Mother Lakshmi to be hungry. In such a situation, mother Lakshmi tore a part of her saree and lit it with fire and fed them with khichdi with her hand. Sri Krishna was pleased to see this. During this time, Mother Lakshmi wished him to stay in Braj. On this Shri Krishna gave them permission.

According to beliefs, this story is of Poush month. Therefore, a big fair is organized here every month. Also, it is also recognized that Mata Lakshmi is still worshiping Kanhaiya to get the gopi-bhava here.

It is said that even today Mahalakshmi is doing penance there. Even today, Shri Krishna is seen sitting near him in the form of Gwalas and he enjoys khichdi. A fair is held here every Thursday on the month of Paush and khichdi is prepared and offered as Bhog and prasad is distributed.

There is a special festival in Belvan in Paush month.
During the month of Pausha in Belvan there is a different atmosphere. Khichdi festival is organized every Thursday in Paush month. In this fair, devotees come from far and wide and bring with them the ingredients of making khichdi. He makes a stove here and sits and cooks khichdi in it. After this, after consuming this khichdi as prasad, they take it upon themselves.