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Nine forms of mother are seen in the idol of Goddess Bhagwati …

After worshiping the deities in Sanatan Hindu religion, many temples are offered chunri, offering ceremonial or then offering special alms to the Mother Goddess as a boon. But today we are telling you about such a temple, where the wishes of the mother are fulfilled only by revolving the amount of Mother Goddess.

Actually it is a temple of Goddess Bhagwati, which is very close to the capital of the country, Delhi. Let’s talk about the brain…

This temple is located in Khurja tehsil of Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. The name of this temple is Navadurga Shakti Temple. Regarding the temple, it is believed that by revolving here, the wishes of the mind are fulfilled. But 108 times have to be done, not 7, 11 or 21, but circumambulation.

Apart from this, there is a pillar in the temple complex. It is known as Manokamna Stambha. It is said that after the circumambulation of the temple, a lump should also be placed on this wishing column. By doing this every wish of the mind is fulfilled.

Let us tell you that there are nine forms of mother in the statue of Goddess Bhagwati present in the temple. This magnificent statue of Mata is made of four tons of octal metal with 27 volumes. It is believed that there is no such magnificent and unique idol of Maa Durga in the whole of India.

This temple, built in two thousand square feet, is a sample of unique sculpture where the statue of Mother is eighteen arms. The statue was sculpted by more than 100 sculptors. This divine statue is 14 feet high and 11 feet wide. On the right side of the mother’s statue is Hanuman ji and on the left is the statue of Bhairo ji. At the top of the chariot is Lord Shankar and the chariot charioteer Sriganesh.

This temple was built in 1993 and on 13 February 1995, the idol of Goddess Durga was consecrated in this temple. The special thing is that the Goddess Maa idol installed in the temple is quite miraculous.

It is said that no matter how difficult it is, if you start looking at the idol of the mother, it seems like there is no problem in life. The height of the temple is 30 feet and its peak is 60 feet high. This temple rests on a single pillar. It is said that the 108 circumambulation of the temple is equivalent to a circumambulation of Govardhan.

It is known that this temple opens at four in the morning and Mangla Aarti at five in the evening. At the same time, the temple is opened at four o’clock in the evening and a grand aarti at seven o’clock. As such, this sequence of worship goes on throughout the year, but in the days of Navratri, there is a special worship of Mother Bhagwati. One thousand kilo halwa is offered to the mother of Ashtami.