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holika dahan ke samay uthane wala dhua kya kehta hai? in indian astrology

These wood are forbidden in Holika Dahan …

Today is the day of Holika Dahan. This time, Holi (holi: festival of colors), the festival of victory over the evil of good, will take place on Monday in combination of Hast Nakshatra and Dhruva and Zayed Yoga. Whereas a day before that means today Holika Dahan. The festival of Holi is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Holika is worshiped on the day of Holika Dahan. Along with happiness, peace, prosperity, the bright future of the children is wished.

Holika fire and smoke forecast-
According to experts, information about all the auspicious results occurring in nature is obtained from the smoke of Holika Dahan. Earlier, people in the society used to get information about the natural calamity, calamity and auspiciousness of the year through the night smoke of Holika Dahan, which is still valid today.

According to astrology, information about your future can be obtained from the direction of wind at the time of Holika Dahan. The direction in which the flame of Holika Dahan burns, it is decided that what will be your next one year for business, agriculture, finance, education and employment, etc.? That is, in the direction in which the fire and smoke of Holika Dahan arises, you can know your future.

It is said that according to the scriptures, after the Holika Dahan, there is a reference to the future of the smoke and fire flame, and if the smoke of Holi goes towards the east, then there will be happiness in the country. If we go towards the south, there will be a change of power, there is a possibility of famine in the state due to the smoke of Holi towards the west direction, and the smoke of Holi towards the north direction leads to wealth and prosperity.

This is how you understand the gesture of flame and smoke (Holika Dahan: Signal of smoke and flame) …
: During Holika Dahan, if its flame rises upwards and the smoke emanates directly towards the sky, then understand that this is a sign of change. This indicates that there are major and positive changes in the power and administrative sectors.

: At the time of Holika Dahan (Holika Dahan), if its flame is flown towards the east, then it is considered auspicious sign. This means that the coming year will be full of happiness. Raja Praja will prove to be a pleasant year for all. At the same time, education, spirituality and religion are going to be encouraged. At the same time, new employment opportunities are also going to open. Everything is going to be good for health too.

: Live flame is benefited by the flame of Holika Dahan in the west direction. The economic situation improves. However, it happens slowly. There is a possibility of natural disasters, along with it is considered to be the loss of agriculture and the growth of waste weeds.

: If the fire starts burning towards the north in Holika Dahan, then the chances of peace and happiness in the country and society increase. Apart from this, there is also economic progress. The reason for this is that the north direction is considered Kuber Saki direction. At the same time, there are benefits in the fields of medicine, education, agriculture, trade, etc. This is an auspicious sign and it is believed that this year there will be progress in the economic field as well as wealth and happiness will increase.

: In Holika Dahan, the flame of fire going south direction is not auspicious sign. It is also considered to be a sign of increasing crop losses and inflation.

When this happens, quarrels and disputes escalate. Chances of war and turbulence increase. Positive results are seen only in judicial matters. Apart from this, the possibility of dissolution of state power and public rebellion is also considered.

Holika Dahan after sunset after sunset
According to experts, on the day of Holika Dahan, it will be Bhadra for 1: 33 minutes. Therefore Holika Dahan will be done after Bhadra. Actually, Bhadra is considered to be a disruptor. By burning Holika in Bhadra, loss and inauspicious results are obtained. Holika Dahan Phalgun Shukla Purnima will be lit in Uttaraphalgun Nakshatra on March 28, from sunset on Sunday till 12:40 in the night. Apart from this, Holika Dahan is a special auspicious time for 40 minutes at 07.

Do not burn these wood in Holika Dahan …
According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, wood is burnt in Holika Dahan. In such a situation, the use of some wood is considered taboo, if you burn these wood then it is considered inauspicious.

Actually some trees related to Rahu-Ketu are considered to be a symbol of evil, hence the wood of these trees should be burnt in Holika Dahan.

: On the day of Holika Dahan, with the use of castor and sycamore wood, cow’s stems should be used on this day.

: In this season, castor and sycamore leaves start falling, so if they are not burnt, then they start worm.

: It is believed that the specialty of castor and sycamore wood is that by burning it purifies the air and mosquitoes, bacteria are eliminated. Both these wood should be burnt along with cow’s stems.

: Mango wood should not be burnt in Holika Dahan. It is considered inauspicious to do so.

: Burning of wood of vat in Holika Dahan is also considered inauspicious, so burning wood of these four trees should be avoided in Holika Dahan.