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Navratri Rules: Different importance of each color in Navratri …

In sanatan dharma Navratri Is celebrated as a festival. This festival comes four times in a year, of which Chaitra and Shardiya Navratri are the main ones while two others are Gupta Navratras. Among them, the beginning of Chaitra Navratri is the day from which the new year of Hindus begins. So this time Chaitra Navratri 2021 The festival starts on Tuesday, April 13.

According to experts, each Navratri has different significance. It is said in the Devi Purana that Navratri festival comes twice a year, mainly in the year. Hindu Panchag According to Chaitra i.e. in March-April Maa durga On the first navratri 9 days service She is also known as Vasantiya Navaratri.

At the same time, Ashwin month i.e. Navratri coming in September-October is also considered as the main Navratri, which is known by the name of Sharadiya Navratri.


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But do you know that while there are some rules of Navratri, at the same time, the colors of the clothes you wear are also very important. According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, if for any reason you Navratri If you do not wear clothes of these colors in the initial days of the year, you can wear such clothes in the last days, Goddess mother That you can be kind

every year Navratri The color is determined from the first day of the day to the last day. After this, a cycle of colors runs for the remaining 8 days. Each color has different importance. It is important to know the list of colors and their importance according to each day.


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Importance of color in navratri: understand the colors of 9 days of Navratri and their importance …
Perform pooja by wearing clothes of these colors

day – color : Importance
first day – Gray : This color of the day of worship of Goddess Shailputri is also a symbol of understanding and peace. It also means destroying evil.
next day – Orange : This color is considered to be a symbol of energy and happiness, as well as a symbol of peace, brightness and wisdom.
Third day – White : This color is a symbol of peace and purity and is also known for goodness.
Fourth day – Red : Apart from energy, love and creativity, it is also known for anger and passion.
Fifth day – Blue : This color is considered a symbol of divine energy, intelligence and superiority.
Sixth day – Yellow : This color is considered a symbol of happiness, freshness, glow and joy.
Seventh day – Green : This color reflects growth, positivity and new beginnings.
Eighth day – Peacock green : This color represents the wishes to be fulfilled.
Ninth day – Purple or purple color : This color represents beauty, ambition and goals, and is also considered a symbol of integrity.


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Do not do this work in Navratri at all –
In the next few days i.e. from 13 April 2021, Chaitra Navaratri is going to start. Sanatan Pujan Tradition People who believe in fasting during Navratri. In such a situation, today we are telling you some such works, which according to the scriptures Navratri Prohibition has been considered for a vrat during.

1. Urn installation Those who perform or burn uninterrupted lamps should not leave their house empty for nine days.

2. Navratri Those keeping a nine-day fast should not shave their beard and mustache during this fast.

3. Vrati should not bite nails for nine days.

4. Black clothes Wear should be avoided. Although there is a special color for every day in Navratri, but red color is most dear to Maa Bhagwati.

5. Avoid consuming tamarind food like garlic, onion, meat and liquor these days. The reason for this is that it increases their sense of work, anger, the mind is not able to remain restrained.

6. Food and grains should not be consumed during fasting.


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7. someone’s heart Grief is considered the greatest violence. Therefore, such violence should also be avoided.

8. Women Should not be worshiped during menstruation.

9. Fast on navratri The worshipers should not wear belts, slippers or shoes made of leather during worship.

10. Even on normal days Girls Should not be offended and should not raise their hands on them. But take special care of this during Navratri. Goddesses are considered to be the abode of the goddess.