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How To View Shubh Muhurat Tips In Hindi – शुभ मुहूर्त देखने के लिए आजमाएं ये टिप्स, हर काम में मिलेगी सफलता

Let us know how we can find out the good and auspicious time.

The corona infection is slowly fading away. In such a situation, people are busy preparing for the wedding. The families of all the houses in which the marriages are to be held have also been engaged in shopping. Apart from clothes and jewelery, there is a rush in the markets for shopping other.

Auspicious shopping auspicious
When buying jewelery, clothes, utensils and other items for transactions in marriage etc., the idea often comes in mind that if you want to buy goods then it is good to have an auspicious time. Let us know how we can find out the good and auspicious time.

10 line line is best
In order to fix the marriage time, astrological writers have written to renounce the 21 Mahados, but due to the avoidance of many defects, the idea of ​​10 defects (Latadosh, Patadosh, Yutidosh, Vedadosh, Jamitradosh, Banagyanadosh, Ekargaldosh, Satellitosh, Kranthashamyadosh and Dagdathithidosh). it happens. Of these, Kriyuti, Veda, Mritaban, Krantisamya and Dagdadosh are the five Mahados who are universally barred in marriage. Generally, 10 lines of Sava are considered superior in marriage, lagna etc. Because they are lossless. At the same time, the marriages above the 5th line are necessary for the marriage ascendant. But if a situation below 5 line is formed then marriage is not auspicious. While taking out the auspicious time of marriage etc., the line along with the lagna is also taken into consideration.

It is important to keep these things in mind

  • It is important to observe the auspicious time for all marriages and auspicious works, from Ganesh invitation to the bride’s farewell and home entrance.
  • While buying wedding related things, the bride and groom should shop only after seeing the moon. It should not have 6, 6 and 12 moons at the time of shopping.
  • While going out of the house for shopping, keep in mind that the voice of the man should be right and the voice of the woman should be left. (After closing the left nostril of the nose with the finger, go only if there is a clear sound from the left nostril, if there is difficulty in breathing, then some time should be postponed).
  • While going out of the house for shopping, the man should go with the right foot and the woman’s left foot before the main gate.
  • It is important to consider lagna (time of rounds) in marriage. If the lagna is of day, then it is day or night, then it should be made at night.