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Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat 2020, Moonrise Time Today Update; Nikalne Ka Samay In Rajasthan Jaipur, Madhya Pradesh Indore Bhopal, Haryana, Delhi, Mumbai | चतुर्थी पर क्यों करना पड़ता है चंद्रमा का ज्यादा इंतजार, सबसे पहले ईटानगर और सबसे देरी से पणजी में दिखेगा चांद

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  • Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat 2020, Moonrise Time Today Update; Nikalne Ka Samay in Rajasthan Jaipur, Madhya Pradesh Indore Bhopal, Haryana, Delhi, Mumbai

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2 month ago

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  • If the moon is not seen, worshiping and observing fast can be done by observing the moonrise time.

Today is Karva Chauth. Longing for the husband’s long life and prosperity, women will fast for the whole day without food and water. Arghya will be performed after seeing the moon in the evening. On this day, the most awaited moon is out. Usually, the moon comes out quickly, but it is the maximum time to leave on the fourth day. Women have to wait long enough. There is geographical and astrological reason behind this, why does this happen?

In astronomy, the motion of the moon and the earth is the reason

– The Sun and Moon are at 180 degrees on the full moon, that is, face to face. Therefore, the moon rises from the east as soon as the sun sets on the full moon.

– The Moon moves towards the Earth and the Earth revolves around the Sun.

– Due to the high speed of the Earth, the Moon is about 12 degrees behind the Earth every day.

– In this way, on Chaturthi Tithi, Moon is about 48 degrees behind Earth and gets smaller in size.

– It takes about 48 minutes more for the moon to complete its distance.

For this reason, the moon appears on Chauth after a delay of about 2:30 hours after sunset.

(As stated by Dr. Rajendra Prakash Gupta, Superintendent of Jeevaji Vidyalaya, Ujjain.)

Moon will be seen first in Itanagar and last in Panaji

Worship can be done even when the moon is not seen
Pandit Ganesh Mishra, the astrologer of Kashi, states that the sun and moon never set, but simply do not appear due to the rotation of the earth. In this case, the time of the moon’s sighting is taken out with the help of astrological calculations. Which in common language is called Chandrodaya. Hence, worship is done according to the stated time of seeing the moon on Karva Chauth. In some parts of the country the moon is not visible due to geographical location or weather disturbances, if the moon is not visible then according to the time mentioned in the almanac, one should worship towards the direction of the moon and offer the moon to the arghya. Doing so does not bring blame.

Moon worship and fast in Mahabharata
According to Pt Mishra, this fast is being observed since Mahabharata period. Draupadi did this fast for Arjuna at the behest of Krishna. In the unknown, Arjuna went to the Nilgiri Mountains to do penance. Draupadi sought help from Lord Krishna to protect Arjuna. He told Draupadi to keep the same fast as Goddess Parvati had kept for Lord Shiva. Draupadi did the same and shortly after, Arjuna returned safely. In this fast, Draupadi worshiped Lord Krishna as the moon.

Moon worship in Ramcharitmanas
According to Ramacharitmanas’ Lanka scandal, when Sri Ram crossed the sea and reached Lanka, he asked his companions about the blackness present in the moon. Everyone gave answers according to their discretion. Shriram explained that the moon and poison originated from the churning of the sea. Venom is the brother of Moon. That is why he has put poison in his heart. By spreading his poisonous rays, he burns the malevolent male and female. That is, it also causes separation between husband and wife.

Therefore, the husband and wife should worship the moon with the wish that there is no distance between the husband and wife. This is why the moon is worshiped on Karva Chauth.

This fast started to wish good harvest
Pt. Mishra explains that this festival takes place at the beginning of the Rabi harvest. Wheat is also sown at this time. Wheat seeds are kept in a large earthen pot, also known as Karva. Therefore, experts believe that this puja was started to wish a good harvest. Later women started fasting for Suhag. It is also said that earlier there were a lot of military operations. Soldiers stayed out of the house most of the time. In such a situation, wives started fasting for Karva Chauth for the safety of their husbands.