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Maghi Purnima on Saturday, significance of taking bath in Ganga river, ganga snan importance on maghi purnima | शनिवार को माघी पूर्णिमा पर पानी में गंगाजल मिलाकर स्नान करें, इससे मिल सकता है तीर्थ स्नान का पुण्य

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  • Sant Ravidas Jayanti on 27 February, can remove problems by adopting his ideas

On Saturday, 27 February, there is the full moon of Magh month. It is a tradition to bathe in the Ganges river on this date. Those who are unable to bathe in the river Ganges, they can take a bath by mixing Ganga water in the water. Taking a bath like this can also give merit like bathing a pilgrimage. This day is also the birth anniversary of Sant Ravidas. Saint Ravidas used to say, if the mind is healed then the Ganges is in disarray. This means that if the mind is good then the Ganges can descend only in hard time. He gave this message that we should keep working for the good of others.

Wake up early in the morning on Maghi Purnima and offer Arghya to Suryadev after bathing. At the time of offering water, chant the mantra: Om Surya Nam.

Worship Lord Vishnu and Mahalakshmi in the temple of the house or any other temple on Maghi Purnima. Fill saffron mixed milk in the south-facing conch and anoint Vishnu-Lakshmi. Chant ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Mantra’. Offer sweets and fruits and flowers along with the worship material.

Donate along with worship. Donate jaggery to a needy person. If possible on this day, one should also bathe in a holy river. Donate money and green grass to a cowshed.

On this date, perform Shraddha Karma for the fathers. People in need should donate food, clothes, sesame seeds, blankets.

Keep in mind, take special care of cleanliness in the house on this festival. Do not trouble. Live with love Maintain cleanliness and peace in the home. Avoid anger and respect everyone. Start work by taking blessings of old people at home.

Saint ravidas ji’s lesson

No person becomes great just by being born in a high clan. The person who does good deeds is the best.

A person should not be worshiped simply because he is in a revered position. If a person does not have the qualities worthy of that position then do not worship him. If a person is not in a high position, but has a quality, he can be worshiped.

Those who do not have bad thoughts in their mind, whose mind is clean, have God in their mind.

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