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Makar Ka Rashi Parivartan (Planetary Positions) February 2021 | Capricorn Transit In Surya Budh Shukra Shani | 2021 Transit Effects in Capricorn | 9 फरवरी तक मकर राशि में रहेंगे पांच ग्रह, 10 और 11 को षड्ग्रही योग बनने से देश-दुनिया में अनचाही घटनाओं की आशंका

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  • Makar Ka Rashi Parivartan (Planetary Positions) February 2021 | Capricorn Transit In Surya Budh Shukra Shani | 2021 Transit Effects In Capricorn

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4 days ago

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  • Astrologers’ opinion: In December 2019 and January 2020, the country was troubled by Delhi riots and Corona due to such planetary positions

From 4 to 9 February, there will be a total of five planets in the sky circle. At this time, Sun, Mercury, Guru, Venus and Saturn will remain in Capricorn. At the same time, the moon will also enter Capricorn on February 10 and 11. Which will create a vigorous yoga. Also, 5 Venus and five Saturdays are coming in the Magh month of the Hindu calendar. Astrologers say that this position of planetary constellations is pointing to unwanted events. This position of stars may have adverse effect on the country and the world.

The sum of natural disaster and major political changes
Kashi’s astrologer Pt. Ganesh Mishra says that a particular person can die due to stars. A disturbance, earthquake, storm or natural disaster can increase the troubles in the country. There will be a sudden change in the weather. There are also chances of rain in some parts of the country. Being the master of Saturn, Sun, Venus and low zodiac in Capricorn will create a conflict situation for politicians.
Principal leaders will have to take tough decisions to deal with the religious and communal problems of the country. There may be special fluctuations in the market. Prices of oil, oilseeds, jaggery, sugar, lentils, coarse grains can also be reduced. There will also be a slowdown in the precious metals market.

Such situation of planets is made almost every year
It happens almost every year when five planets come in the same zodiac sign. Pt. Mishra states that the Sun changes the zodiac every month. In astrology, Mercury and Venus are called retrograde planets. That is, both these planets live around the Sun. Many times this happens when they come in the same amount. Apart from these, the moon changes the zodiac every two and a half days. These four planets pass through every zodiac in a year. During this time, when they come with Mars, Saturn, Jupiter or Rahu-Ketu, then Panchagrahi Yoga becomes.

Compound Yoga is made in years
Pt. Mishra says that the sum of five planets is formed almost every year. But once in many years it happens when 6 planets come in the same zodiac. Such planetary position is called Shadgrahi Yoga. In astrological texts, this yoga is considered to give inauspicious results. Some Samhita texts, including Mayurachitakam, state that accidents occur when 6 planets come in the same zodiac. Natural disasters and weather changes occur suddenly. Due to these planets, there is a time of tension and change for the king i.e. the people who occupy the high office, the big leaders and the administrative officials.

The sum of the five planets before
Last year on January 10, 2020, Sun, Mercury, Guru, Saturn and Ketu were together in Sagittarius with lunar eclipse. This led to chaos in the country. There were agitations. There was dissatisfaction among the people of the country. There were riots in the capital Delhi due to the inauspicious effects of these planets. Earlier on 26 December 2019, Sun, Mercury, Guru, Saturn, Ketu and Moon came together in Sagittarius along with solar eclipse. From which Shadgrahi Yoga was formed. According to astrologers, due to this inauspicious state of the planets, the Corona virus epidemic and economic downturn had to be faced.