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Mercury transit Capricorn to Aquarius; budh ka rashiral, budh in aquarius, budh kumbh rashi me, mercury horoscope in hindi | बुध ग्रह मकर से कुंभ में आया; 31 मार्च तक मेष, कुंभ राशि के लोगों को मिल सकता है लाभ

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  • Mercury Transit Capricorn To Aquarius; Budh Ka Rashiral, Budh In Aquarius, Budh Kumbh Rashi Me, Mercury Horoscope

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  • Mercury is the lord of wisdom, should chant the Mercury Mantra, Bran Bri Bras, Budhay Namah.

According to Pt. Manish Sharma, Jyotishacharya of Ujjain, Mercury planet has changed its zodiac sign on Shivratri i.e. on 11 March. This planet has moved from Capricorn to Aquarius. Now this planet will remain in this zodiac till 31 March. It will then enter Pisces.

Mercury is considered a factor of intelligence. To remove the inauspicious effects of this planet, donate green moong every Wednesday. Worship Ganesha. Chant the mantra of the planet Mercury, Un Bran Bri Brans: Budhay Namah, at least 108 times.

Know how Mercury is going to affect all 12 zodiac signs …


Mercury is beneficial for these people. You will get success in the works of education and intelligence. There will be peace and peace in the family. Begin the day by meditating on these Ganesha.


Mercury is auspicious for you. Luck will support you in big things. Works stuck in old times will be completed. From time to time, donate money to the eunuchs.


One can get success and respect due to Mercury. Daily tasks may increase, but these works will benefit in future. Offer Bilva Patra on the Shivling.


Time may be worrying for you. Fear will persist. Health care will have to be taken care of very much. Seasonal diseases may occur. Do not be careless. Offer water and milk on the Shivling.

Leo sun sign

Time will be good for married life. Unmarried people can get success in love. Obstacles in marriage to eligible people can be eradicated. Chant the mantras of Ganesha.

Virgo sun sign

Mercury will result in conditions of profit. Chronic diseases will begin to be cured. Stay alert from enemies. It will be good if you work carefully. Donate green moong.

Libra zodiac

Mercury will increase happiness and peace. Employment and business Mercury can provide an opportunity to earn profits. Friends will help. Start the day by offering water on the Shivling.

Scorpio zodiac

Your chances of getting success will increase. Work will increase, but will be beneficial for you. Offer laddus to Lord Ganesha.


Help will come from friends and siblings, with this help any big work can be completed. The performance will be good. Will be able to complete the work on time. Donate money and grass to the cowshed on Wednesday.


Mercury will give success. There are chances of increase in wealth. There will be peace and happiness in the family. Donate incense sticks to a temple.


Luck is going to be supported. Stopped work can be completed. Income may also increase. Life partner will get support. Obstacles will begin to be overcome. Donate green bangles to a eunuch.


Expenses may increase. Spend thoughtfully. If you work without thinking, then there can be loss. Be patient. Do Rudrabhishek of Shiva every Monday.

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