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Motivational quotes in hindi, inspirational quotes, anmol vachan, quotes for sharing, life management tips to share | बुद्धिमान शत्रु अगर अकेला है, तब भी उसे छोटा न समझें; ऐसे दुश्मन जीवनभर दुख देते हैं

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  • If you keep in mind the things related to life management in daily life, then you can avoid many troubles.

If an enemy is intelligent, he should never be ignored. Such enemies are dangerous even alone. According to the legend of Samudra Manthan, Asura Rahu alone had drunk nectar with the gods. After this, Surya and Chandra recognized him, then he told this thing to Lord Vishnu. Vishnuji beheaded Rahu. He drank the nectar because of which he did not die and till today he considers Sun-Moon as an enemy. Even today, Rahu afflicts Surya-Chandra and gives him sorrow. That is why never consider the enemy as weak.

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