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motivational story about charity, we should help others, inspirational story, prerak prasang | अपनी शक्ति के अनुसार दूसरों की मदद करते रहना चाहिए, तभी सफल होता है हमारा जीवन

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One month ago

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  • A merchant of fruits used to give fruits to the poor woman at a very cheap price, seeing that other customers started getting angry.

In all religions, the special importance of charity has been told. Donation can bring equality in society. If we want to help someone, many ways can be found for this. A legend is very famous in this regard.

According to the legend, a fruit shopkeeper told a customer the price of fruits was very high. Then a poor woman came there. He asked for the price of banana and apple fruit. The shopkeeper told the woman the price of fruits was very low. The first customer got angry on hearing such low price. Before he could say anything, the shopkeeper gestured for him to keep quiet. The customer calmed down at that time.

The woman took the fruits, gave the money and went there. After this, the first customer said angrily that brother, what wrong have I done to you, why are you asking me so much money? You have taken very little price from that woman.

The shopkeeper said that brother, I have not cheated you. The woman is very poor, self-respecting. She never seeks help from anyone. I have tried to help her many times, but she refuses to take. Then I thought that to help it, it should give fruits in a low price. From then on, I take the money in the name of fruits, so that it can remain self-respecting and I also get my help.

Story lessons

It is not right that if we do not have a lot of money, then we cannot help anyone. You can donate according to our strength. If you want to donate then you can also find your way.