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One month ago

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  • A merchant’s boat was sinking in water, when the merchant saw a fisherman, he told the fisherman to save me, I will give you all my wealth

When a person gets trapped in bad times, then good feelings start awakening in his mind. He makes up his mind to do good deeds and thinks that if things get better then he will stay away from all bad deeds. But, as circumstances change, greed wakes up and the person forgets his good things. A folk tale prevails in this regard. Know this story …

Story In the past, a businessman lived in a city on the river bank. He had to use a boat to get from one city to another, but could not swim. One day he was going to another city by the river. In the middle of the river he saw that his boat was full of water. The boat was pierced. He got scared. Now Seth started remembering God. Then he saw a fisherman.

Seth gave a voice to the fisherman and said that my boat is sinking, I do not know how to swim, save me, I will give you my entire property. The fisherman reached his boat with him and saved the businessman.

Seth breathed a sigh of relief after sitting in the fisherman’s boat. Now he was thinking. He told the fisherman, brother, how will I be able to live my life if I give you all my property. I will not give you half, but half the property.

After some time the businessman again said, ‘Brother, I have a wife and children in my family, they also have a right in my property. I will give you half, not a quarter of the property. The fisherman was not giving any answer to the merchant.

When the boat reached the shore, the merchant thought that I was safe now. This fisherman did not do anything big to save my life. This was the duty of it. As a humanity it had to help me. The merchant wanted to pay a small amount to the fisherman, but the fisherman refused to take this also. Seth left with his money.


The lesson of this story is that a person vows to do good things in bad circumstances, but when the situation turns to his side, he gets greed in his mind and he turns back from his words.