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  • Vaidya asked Seth for the treatment of hundred gold currencies, then Vaidya said to a poor person that you do not have money, then after you recover you should serve me.

Vaidya was a scholar in a village. People from far and wide used to come to him for treatment. One day the rich Seth of another village reached him with his sick child. On seeing the child, Vaidyaji gave medicines and asked Seth for hundred gold currencies.

There was a poor and sitting there. He also came to get treatment for his illness. When he heard that Vaidyaji had asked for hundred gold currencies from Seth, he got up and left. He thought that I do not have this much money. That is why treatment should not be done here.

Seeing the poor person going, Vaidya asked him why are you going? The poor person told the whole thing. Vaidji said that brother, if you do not have money, then it is fine, after getting well, you should serve with me a few days.

Rich Seth became angry on hearing this. He said that seeing my money, you are asking me for such a huge amount and you are treating this man for free. This is a very wrong thing.

Vaidyaji said that you are misunderstanding. I ask the people who come here in exchange for the medicine, which they can give. If you can give your money, then ask for money from you. If this poor cannot provide money, then he is asked to do service.

Seth realized his mistake after listening to Vaidyaji’s words. He apologized. Took money and took medicine and went away from there with his child.

Learning The lesson of this story is that we should not reach any conclusion until the whole thing is known. You may have to be humiliated if you reach a conclusion without thinking.