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Motivational story about honesty, we should do good works, inspirational story about happiness, how to avoid problems | सही तरीके से काम करने पर शुरुआत में परेशानियां आ सकती हैं, लेकिन बाद में सब ठीक हो जाता है

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11 minutes ago

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  • A farmer got gold from the king’s field, his daughter said keep it with you, do not tell the king this thing, otherwise they will also ask for gold pestle

A farmer lived with his daughter in a small hut in a village. His financial condition was very bad. He worked very hard, but could not get enough money. He reached the king with his problem. The king appointed him to work in his farm.

Now that farmer was working in the king’s farm. His daughter also lived with the farmer. One day the girl was playing under a tree outside the farm. The farmer was running the plow. Then suddenly something plowed into the ground with his plow.

When the farmer dug the pit at that place, a gold bowl came out of it. The farmer reached his daughter with an Okhli. He told the daughter that if Okhli is found from the king’s field, then we should give it to the king. The daughter of the farmer was very intelligent, he said that if you do this then the king will not trust you. What will the king do if you ask for his gold pestle too?

The farmer was honest. He said that what can the king ask for what we have not got? The farmer reached the king and gave him a gold. The king felt that if he got an Okhli, then his pestle would also be found. However, due to greed, the farmer has kept the pestle with himself. When the king asked for a pestle, the farmer said that he had only got a mortal.

The king did not trust the farmer and put him in jail. The farmer was regretting not obeying his daughter. He did not get proper food in prison. In a few days he became very weak. The farmer used to say the same thing throughout the day in jail that if he would listen to the daughter, he would be happy. When the king came to know about this, he called the farmer and asked the whole thing.

The farmer told the king that my daughter had forbidden me to give Okhli to the king. The king will also ask for its Muslims. But, I did not listen to him and gave you Okhli. The result of this is that I have to live in prison. If I had listened to my daughter and kept Okhli on my own, I would be happy today.

When the king called the farmer’s daughter, he said the same thing. The king was convinced of the farmer. Pleased with the wisdom of the farmer’s daughter, the king appointed him treasurer. Now the farmer and his daughter had a palace to live in. There were many types of dishes to eat. Their lives had changed completely.

The lesson of this story is that there are problems in working properly, but later everything goes well. That is why wrongdoing should be avoided.