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motivational story about peace of mind, inspirational tips and story, prerak prasang, hindi story | सिर्फ धन और सुख-सुविधाओं से नहीं मिलती है शांति, असंतुष्टि की वजह से मन हमेशा अशांत ही रहता है

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2 month ago

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  • Pleased with a devotee, Goddess Lakshmi appeared, Mahalakshmi said that whatever she asked for, the devotee was disturbed by the pleasure of getting the groom.

Those who are not satisfied can never be calm. Only wealth and amenities cannot calm a person’s mind. Dissatisfaction keeps a person’s mind disturbed. A folk tale prevails in this regard.

According to the legend, in olden times a person used to worship Goddess Lakshmi, but the problems of her life were not ending. Then a monk saw the person worshiping. The sannyas understood that he was not doing worship properly.

Then the sannyas told the person a method of worship and a mantra of Goddess Lakshmi and said that chant this mantra daily with a sincere heart. The person started worshiping according to the method given by the saint and also started chanting the mantra daily. After a few days Goddess Lakshmi became pleased with the person’s devotion and appeared before her.

Laxmiji said to the person that I am happy with your devotion, what do you want to demand? I can fulfill all your wishes.

The person said to Laxmiji that Devi, I do not understand anything, what should I ask of you? You please come again tomorrow, I want to ask you tomorrow. Lakshmi agreed to her devotee and disappeared.

The devotee became restless after Laxmiji left. He thought that I would demand a lot of money. Then I thought that I become the king of a state. A similar thought went out all day and all night, but he could not decide what the goddess should ask for. He did not even sleep overnight.

The next day Goddess Lakshmi again appeared in front of him and asked to ask for her groom. The person said that Devi, I do not want to ask for anything. I was disturbed only by the happiness of the arrival of money and amenities. If I get these things, then my whole life will become turbulent. I just want peace in my life. Just give this bridesmaid that my mind is devoted to your devotion. Goddess Lakshmi became pleased with her devotion and became impassioned by saying aastu.

Story lessons

The lesson of this story is that if we want happiness and peace in life, then we should adopt a sense of satisfaction. One should be satisfied in life. If you are not satisfied, you can never achieve peace.