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27 minutes ago

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  • A toy man showed three effigies to the king, all three were the same, but all three had different prices.

In ancient times, a king was very fond of buying new toys. From time to time, merchants used to come to sell new toys in his court. One day a person came to the court and said that Rajan, the toys that I am going to show you today, you will never see the toys.

The king became very curious on hearing this. He said show your toys. The merchant pulled out three effigies from his bag. He said that these three are similar in appearance, but the cost of the first effigy is one lakh pieces, the cost of the second one thousand pieces and the cost of the third one.

Seeing such a difference in the price of all three mannequins, the king lifted all the mannequins. The three effigies were the same. Not all courtiers could understand the difference between the three effigies. Then the king asked his wise minister to please tell the secret of these mannequins.

The minister looked at the three effigies very carefully and asked a servant for some straws. The minister first put a straw in the effigy ear and then went straight into the stomach. After some time his lips started moving and stopped. When the straw was put in the second mannequin’s ear, the straw came out from the other ear. When the third effigy was put in the ear, it opened its mouth and started moving loudly.

He told the minister to the king and the court that these effigies are giving us a big lesson. The first mannequin is like those who listen to and understand others, know the truth of it, only then speak something. That is why its price is the highest.

The second mannequin is telling that some hear with one ear and remove it from the other ear. Such people have nothing to do with anyone. They are happy in their fun.

The third mannequin is like those people who shout loudly and tell everyone without knowing the truth of anything. There is no point in the stomach of these people. Such people should be careful. That is why its price is only one stamp.