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2 month ago

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  • A seth said to Sant Kabir that we are ashamed when you weave clothes, you tell us what you want, we will give you

There are many such incidents related to Saint Kabir, in which the sources of happy and successful life are told. If these formulas are adopted, then many of our problems may end. Know here an inspiring topic related to charity …

Saint Kabir became very famous due to his teachings. Many people had become his disciples. Very wealthy people also used to listen to the discourses of Kabirdas. Kabirdas used to weave cloth. Dhani Seth reached him one day.

Seth told Sant Kabir that you weave cloth like this, it makes us ashamed. You are our Guru, you should be comfortable. Please tell what you want, I will fulfill your every wish.

Kabirdas told Seth that I am ashamed to hear these things from you brother. How can you be so selfish? I only do the work of weaving clothes, this is the means of making my living. I also make clothes for needy people. There is no shortage of money in my life now. I am satisfied with my life.

If you are rich and want to help someone then you should donate to the needy people. There is no benefit in donating me, because I am satisfied and prosperous. There is no benefit of donating to the already well-to-do.

You want to make me famous by donating, which is not right. Those who sleep hungry, who do not have clothes and blankets to survive the cold, will provide good things to them and it will be good for them and your money will be utilized properly.

Hearing these things of Kabirdas, that Seth realized his mistake. After this he started donating food grains and money to the needy people of his area.

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