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motivational story about success and happiness, how to get targets, inspirational story in hindi, prerak prasang | हम जब भी कोई काम करते हैं तो बुरी आदतें लक्ष्य तक पहुंचने से रोकती हैं, बिना रुके आगे बढ़ने से ही मिलती है सफलता

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14 minutes ago

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  • A saint explained to the farmer, ‘We get many kinds of greed in life, some people stop the way too, if we stop then only failure will be found’

Success comes only to those people who keep moving forward without stopping and do not get entangled in any greed and temptation. According to a folk tale in this regard, a poor farmer reached a saint in olden times. The farmer said that many problems are going on in my life. I have not been able to reach the goal I have set. I get entangled in the work here and there and all the things go wrong.

The saint told him that I come to your house and tell you some way, which can solve these problems of yours. The farmer returned to his home. The next day the saint reached the farmer’s house. At that time the farmer was not at home.

The farmer’s wife honored the saint and gave him a proper place to sit. The woman sent the son to the farm to call her husband. The farmer reached his home shortly. He was accompanied by a dog who was gasping loudly.

The saint asked the farmer, is your farm far away?

The farmer said that no, my field is near here. Why do you feel like this?

The saint said that I am surprised to see that both you and your dog come together, but there is no fatigue on your face, while your dog is panting badly.

The farmer said that both I and the dog came home by the same route. My farm is also nearby. My dog ​​is tired. There is a reason for this. I have come home from a straight path, but this dog has come running and barking at the other dogs nearby to drive them away. He was doing this again and again. This is why it is very tired by coming home.

The saint told the farmer that this is the right thing. The same happens with us. We start completing some work, then we face many obstacles. Our bad habits prevent us from completing the work. There are many types of greed. If we leave our work and get entangled in these things, then the goal remains incomplete. We do not get success.

The saint further said that if you want to accomplish a goal, then you should just concentrate on your work. In other things, do not waste time, just concentrate on the target, you will reach there soon.