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motivational story about success and happiness, prerak prasang in hindi, life management tips in hindi | समय बदलता रहता है, कभी सुख तो कभी दुख के दिन आते हैं, हमें हर हाल में सकारात्मक रहना चाहिए

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  • Someone donated a cow to a saint, the saint’s disciples were very happy, because they were getting to drink cow’s milk every day.

In ancient times, a saint was very famous because of his intelligence and religious nature. Many devotees of the saint used to come to them with their own problems and the saint used to tell them the solution to the problems. Along with the saint, many disciples also lived in the ashram.

One day a person donated a cow to the saint. All the disciples were very happy to see the cow. The disciples thought that now we will get to drink fresh milk every day. The Guru said, ‘Let’s be good. Now fresh milk will be arranged for everyone.

The saint and his disciples continued to get fresh milk for a few days, then one day the same donor came and took his cow back. The saint returned her cow. After this all the disciples became unhappy.

The saint told the disciples that one does not need to be disappointed. Now we no longer have to clean cow dung and dirt. Now the time that will be left, we will be able to meditate and meditate. ‘

The disciples asked, Guruji, that you are not sad that we will not get fresh milk anymore.

The saint said that we should maintain positive thinking. Whatever the time, always think well. This is the secret of a happy and successful life. If we get frustrated then unrest and misery in life will start increasing. Happiness and sorrow keep on coming. We should be happy in every situation.

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