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motivational story about time management, we should not waste time, significance of time, prerak prasang | जो लोग सिर्फ पैसों को महत्व देते हैं और परिवार की ओर ध्यान नहीं देते, उन्हें एक दिन इसके लिए पछताना पड़ता है

  • One person earned only money throughout his life, one day reached Yamraj to get him, the rich man said, ‘Take all my wealth, but give me a little time

Those who give a lot of importance to money and do not pay attention to household, they have to regret it one day. Besides earning money, one should also spend time with family. Because, the time elapsed does not return. A folk tale prevails in this regard. Know this story …

In olden times, a person used to spend only day and night earning money. Because of greed, he does not spend money and does not pay attention to the family at all. His family was unhappy because of this habit of the rich man.

The person used to be so busy in the matter of earning money that he did not even know when his old age came. One day Yamraj appeared in front of him. Yamraj said that your last time has come. I have come to take your life.

Seeing Yamraj, that person got scared. He said that I have not seen anything in my life. I was engaged in my work. I have not been able to give time to even the family. He did not live with love for a single day. Give me some time I want to spend time with family.

Yamraj said that this cannot be done. You have to go with me

The person said, take all my wealth, but let me stay with the family only one day.

Yamraj said that we have no attachment to wealth and property. We cannot give you a single moment extra. Yamraj killed his life as soon as he said this.

Learning Time is priceless. The time once passed does not come back. Therefore, along with earning money, family and family should also be taken care of. Otherwise one has to regret after taking time.