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Motivational story of sant kabir, kabirdas and his lesson about success, prerak prasang, inspirational story | अच्छी बातें रोज पढ़ने-सुनने से बुरे कामों की ओर मन भटकता नहीं है

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  • A boy told Kabirdas that I am educated and intelligent, I do not need to listen to the discourse

One person told his son that you should listen to the discourse every day. One day that boy reached Sant Kabir and said that Gurudev, I have studied a lot. I understand my good and bad well, but still my father constantly asks me to listen to the discourse. You tell me, why do I need satsang everyday?

Kabirdas listened to the boy very carefully. Not answering, he picked up a hammer and hit a peg on the ground nearby. The young man departed with no emotion. The next day he again came to Kabir. The boy said that I had asked you a question, but you did not answer, that’s why I have come again today.

Saint Kabir once again picked up the hammer and struck it on top of the pegs. The boy thought that perhaps he is still silent today. Reached Kabirdas again on the third day and then asked the same thing.

Kabirdasajji again hit the hammer on the same peg. Now the young man got upset and said that why are you not answering my question? I have been asking you a question for three days.

Then Saint Kabir said that I am answering you every day. I am strengthening its grip in the ground by hammering this peg every day. If I do not do this, then it will come out due to the pull of the animals tied to it or when someone stumbles or there is some movement in the ground.

Sant Kabir explained that discourse also works in the same way for us. Good things strike our pegs as they please, so that our holy feelings remain strong. Kabir made the young man realize the right direction. Continual satsang strengthens the truth in the heart and eradicates untruth, therefore satsang should be an essential part of our life.


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