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Offer Shami leaves to Shani Dev, Ganesha and Shivji, Mahashivaratri 2021, puja vidhi for shivratri, significance of shami plant | महाशिवरात्रि पर शिवलिंग पर चढ़ाएं शमी के पत्ते, शनिदेव, गणेशजी के साथ ही शिवजी को भी प्रिय हैं पत्ते

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  • Offer Shami Leaves To Shani Dev, Ganesha And Shivji, Mahashivaratri 2021, Puja Vidhi For Shivratri, Significance Of Shami Plant

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  • Abhishek of Shiva with Ganga water, high salutations: Offer white sandalwood and bilva patra by saying Shivaay

On Thursday, March 11, Maha Shivaratri should be worshiped by the entire Shiva family. The Shiva family consists of Mata Parvati, Ganeshji, Karthikeya Swamy, Nandi along with Shiva. A fast is observed on this day to the delight of Shiva.

In Shiva worship, along with many things, flowers and leaves are also offered. Dhatura and Bilva Patra are all offered on the Shivling, but along with these, the leaves of Shami should also be offered on the Shivling.

According to Pt. Manish Sharma, Jyotishacharya of Ujjain, offering flowers and leaves is of special importance in Shiva worship. Shami leaves are usually offered to Shani Dev and Ganesha, but they can also be offered on Shivling.

One can get rid of all the defects of Saturn by planting a Shami tree in the house. The wish of good luck can be fulfilled by offering Shami leaves on the Shivling.

This is how to do simple worship of Shiva

Visit a Shiva temple on Shivaratri and offer Gangajal in a copper lotus. If you wish, offer Ganga water, rice, white sandalwood in holy water while uttering a high moist: Shivaya mantra on the Shivling.

After offering water with copper lotus, offer rice, bilvatra, white cloth, janeu and sweets as well as shami leaves on the Shivling. Say these mantras while offering shami leaves-

​​​​Amangalananam Shamini Shamini Duskritasya Ch.

Grief: Swapranashini Dhanyan, the principal, Shami Shubham.

After offering the Shami Patra, perform aarti with the incense, lamp and Karpoor of Shiva and take the prasad. Worshiping in this way can fulfill the wish of maintaining prosperity and prosperity in the family.

On Shivaratri, donate money, milk, clothes and food grains to the needy people. Flowers can be decorated in a temple.

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