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On this day, worship of Lord Vishnu is done with sesame, more than the donation of this fast. | इस दिन तिल से होती है भगवान विष्णु की पूजा, कन्यादान से भी ज्यादा होता है इस व्रत का फल

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3 days ago

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  • The Padma Purana says that fasting of this Ekadashi with sesame gives us the virtue of austerity and gold donation.

Ekadashi fast is considered to be extremely auspicious and the best in Hinduism. Shatatila Ekadashi fast falls on the eleventh date of Krishnapaksha of the month of Magh. This time this date is coming on 7 February, Sunday. On this day, the worship of Lord Vishnu with black sesame is said to have special significance. Donating sesame seeds on this day eliminates all kinds of sins – unintentional. There is also manifold merit.

Auspicious time of worship
Pandit Ganesh Prasad Mishra, the astrologer of Kashi, said that it is considered best to remember the worship of Lord Vishnu, charity, charity and story in auspicious time on Shatilaila Ekadashi. Shatila is the best Muhurat on the day of Ekadashi from 07:55 to 09:25 in the morning, from 12:20 to 01:05 in the morning, from 02:34 to 03:18 in the afternoon, from 06:05 to 06:30 in the evening.

Importance of Shatila fast
On the day of Ekadashi, the special significance of mole is told. Sesame is used in bathing, donation, food, tarpan and prasadam. Shatila is called Ekadashi due to sesame bathing, sesame boiling, sesame incense, til tarpan, sesame meal and donating sesame seeds. It has been told in the Puranas that by virtue of thousands of years of austerities and donating gold, a person can get more fruit than fasting on the only Shattila Ekadashi.