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First Hindus Festival in february 2021 is Shattila Ekadashi 2021 : know the shubh timings

Shattila Ekadashi has its own different significance …

In the Sanatan Dharma, 24 Ekadashi fasts are observed throughout the year. That is, 2 Ekadashi in every month… Ekadashi date is considered to be the best among all the fasts, as Ekadashi date is very important in Hinduism.

Among these Ekadashis, Shattila Ekadashi also has a different significance. This time i.e. in 2021, the fast of Shattila Ekadashi will be observed on Sunday, 7 February 2021.

Lord Vishnu is worshiped on every Ekadashi date. By observing Ekadashi fast with rules, all the sins of man are destroyed and salvation is attained. Know the importance of Shatila Ekadashi, auspicious time and worship method…

Shattila Ekadashi is also worshiped by Lord Vishnu. On this day some people also worship Lord Vishnu in the form of Baikuntha.

Special importance of sesame has been mentioned on Shatila Ekadashi. 6 types of sesame seeds are used on this day. On Shattila Ekadashi, there are 6 types of sesame seeds, baths, boils, ahuti, tarpan, donations and consumption, and destroy sins. Due to this use of sesame seeds, such Shattila Ekadashi fast is called.

Use of sesame seeds is considered extremely fruitful on this day. At the same time it is also believed that by fasting on Shatila Ekadashi one gets freedom from emotional, mental and physical sins.

Auspicious time for Shatila Ekadashi and fasting time 2021:

: Ekadashi date starts – February 07, Sunday morning from 06 to 26 minutes

: Ekadashi date ends- February 08, Sabuh on Monday 04 to 47 minutes

: Shattila Ekadashi Parana Muhurta: February 08, Monday 07:05:20 to 09:17:25

: Duration: 2 hours 12 minutes

Shattila Ekadashi Puja Vidhi Puja Vidhi
Worship Lord Vishnu on this day in a legal way:

1. After bathing early in the morning on Ekadashi, worship Lord Vishnu and offer flowers, incense etc. to him.
2. After fasting on this day, worship Lord Vishnu at night, as well as do Jagran and Havan at night.
3. After this, on the day of Dwadashi, wake up in the morning and offer Lord Vishnu after bath and after giving food to the pandits, give them alms and give them alms and take food only after that.

Keep in mind that any kind of food is considered taboo on this day. Apart from this, like all Ekadashi, the rules of Shattila Ekadashi fast also start from Dashami date, so do not eat anything after the second half meal on Dashmi date, so that there is no food grains in your stomach.

Importance of Til on Shatila Ekadashi Mahatva
According to its name, this fast is associated with mole. The importance of sesame is ubiquitous and in Hinduism til is considered very sacred. They have special significance especially in worship. There are 6 types of sesame on this day.

1. Take a bath with sesame water
2. Boil ground sesame seeds
3. Hole the sesame seeds
4. Drink water mixed with sesame
5. Donate sesame seeds
6. Make Sesame Sweets and Dishes

It is believed that by donating sesame seeds on this day, sins are eliminated and by the grace of Lord Vishnu, heaven is attained.

Legend of Shatila Ekadashi
According to religious belief, Narad Muni once reached Baikunth, the abode of Lord Vishnu. There he asked Lord Vishnu about the importance of fasting on Shattila Ekadashi. On the insistence of Narada ji, Lord Vishnu told that, in ancient times, a Brahmin’s wife lived on the earth. Her husband had died.

She was my devoted devotee and worshiped me with reverence. Once he worshiped me by keeping a fast for a month. Due to the effect of the fast, her body was cleansed, but she never donated food for the Brahmin and the gods, so I thought that this woman would be unhappy even after living in Baikunta, so I myself went to her one day to ask for alms.

When I pleaded with him for alms, he picked up an earthen object and placed it on my hands. I returned to my abode with that body. After some time she gave up her body and came to my world. Here he found a hut and mango tree.

Seeing the empty hut, she panicked and came to me and said, I am a pious, then why did I get an empty hut? Then I told him that it was due to not providing food and giving me a body of clay. I then told him that when Dev girls come to meet you, you should open your door only until they tell you the law of fasting on Shatila Ekadashi.

The woman did the same and fasted Shattila Ekadashi with the methods which Devakanya had said. Due to the effect of the fast, her hut was filled with food money. Therefore, O Narada, believe that the person who fasts on this Ekadashi and performs Til and Annadan attains salvation and glory.