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prerak prasang, motivational story about devotion in hindi, inspirational story in hindi | जो लोग सही समय पर सही अवसर पहचान लेते हैं, वे सफलता जरूर हासिल करते हैं

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2 hours ago

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  • A devotee used to trust God very much, one day the village was flooded, he thought that I will go from this village only when the Lord comes to save himself

In olden times, a person used to chant the mantras of God day and night and engaged in worship. He trusted God too much.

One day there was very heavy rain in his village, then the water in the nearby river increased too much. Seeing the flood, the people of the village started going to a safe place. At that time, the devotee thought that till God himself does not come to save me, I will not leave this village and go anywhere.

Some people from the village reached him and told that devotee that you too go with us. This village will be submerged very quickly. We have to reach a safe place immediately.

The devotee told the people that I trust God, they will not let their devotee do anything. They themselves will come to save me.

People moved forward after listening to him. After some time, the water of the river reached his house. Just then, a person came to him with a boat. He too asked the devotee to follow along, but he did not agree and waited for the Lord to come.

After some time, the water increased further. Then he saw the trunk of a big tree swaying, but he did not even try to save his life with the help of that trunk.

Now he started chanting the mantras of God and got scared. He was speaking repeatedly remembering God that God should save his devotee. I am your devotee, but you are not coming to save me.

Then there was the All India Radio. God told him that I have tried three times to save you. I was the first to send the people of the village to save you, after this I came myself as a boatman, after that I sent a big trunk of the tree to you, but you did not use these opportunities because of your stupidity. .

Learning – Those who are unable to use the right opportunities at the right time, they are never able to get out of trouble. That is why you should recognize the opportunities and take the right decision.

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