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They have to be kept on the ground…

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of building houses, houses, buildings or temples, which can be considered as the ancient form of modern-day science architecture. How to keep those things which are used in our daily life in life is also Vastu.

Vastu brief
Northeast corner of Hayokarshitpade Pyajet

This means that Vastu is the art of building a house that starts from the northeast and following which the problems of the house are removed. Protects from natural disturbances and disturbances, that is, negativity is removed from the home environment.

At the same time, another scripture says about Vastu…

Homeless land
That is, the land which is eligible for house construction is called Vastu.

Overall, Vastu is the science that guides the building from building to building on the plot.

Actually Vastu Shastra mentions many things about happiness and prosperity in the house. According to Vastu Science, if you keep some things in the house, then they can obstruct the happiness and peace of your home. At the same time, there are some things that, by keeping them in the house, there is happiness, prosperity and peace.

According to experts, in Vastu Shastra, many such things have been told, which you can try and bring happiness and prosperity in your life. In Vastu Shastra, complete information is given about things from jobs, business to worship.

According to the knowledgeable composition of Vastu, in the Vastu Shastra, there are some such rules related to the Puja text, which are considered very auspicious to follow. In the same way it has also been told that there are many things related to the pooja recitation which are ominous when placed on the ground.

1. Shaligram or Shivling
According to Vastu Shastra, Shaligram is considered a symbol of Lord Vishnu and Shivalinga is a symbol of Lord Shiva. For this reason, they should never be kept on the ground even accidentally.

There is a possibility of people making this mistake during the cleanliness of the temple. So keep in mind that whenever you clean, keep them in a clean place in a cloth.

2. Incense, lamp, conch and flower
According to the Bhagavad Gita, things like pujapatha like conch, lamp, incense, yantra, floral, tulsidal, camphor, sandalwood, japamala etc. should never be placed on the ground.

It is believed that because all these things are used in worship, they should never be placed directly on the ground.

The precious gems like pearl, diamond and gold should never be placed directly on the ground, it is written in the scriptures. The metal is believed to belong to some other planet.

Therefore, placing them directly on the ground is considered ominous. If you have any jewel attached to it, never place it directly on the ground.

3. Oyster
It is said that the oyster originates from the sea because it is related to Lakshmi ji. Because of this, it should not be placed directly on the ground. In the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, oyster and cowrie have special importance, that is why never keep them on the ground.