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Pushya means to nourish, in the Rigveda it is called the star that gives happiness, prosperity and good fortune. | पुष्य का मतलब है पोषण करना, ऋग्वेद में इसे कहा गया है सुख-समृद्धि और सौभाग्य देने वाला तारा

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  • Pushya Means To Nourish, In The Rigveda It Is Called The Star That Gives Happiness, Prosperity And Good Fortune.

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2 month ago

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  • In the Pushya Nakshatra, all kinds of mangal works can be done except marriage

Shani is becoming Pushya Yoga for the first purchase of Deepawali. Whatever will be purchased in it will be auspicious. In this Muhurta, it is considered auspicious to buy property, gold and silver, precious things and household items. On November 7, Pushya Nakshatra will remain for the whole day. Which will be till 8:46 am the next day i.e. on Sunday. Pushya nakshatra comes at number 8 out of 27 constellations mentioned in astrology. The importance of Pushya Nakshatra is very much mentioned in astrology. Pushya Nakshatra is considered a very auspicious constellation. According to the scriptures, since Pushya Nakshatra is permanent and therefore any item purchased in this Nakshatra gives permanent happiness and prosperity. Pushya means nourisher, energy and power provider.

Auspicious star is said to Pushya in the Rigveda
According to Pandit Ganesh Mishra, Pushya is called auspicious star in the Rigveda. According to Vedic astrology, cow’s udder is considered a symbol of this constellation. In Vedic culture, cow’s milk is treated like nectar. This nakshatra is nutritious, beneficial and pleasing to the mind like fresh milk of cow. Therefore in the Rigveda it has also been called Mangal Karta, Vikas Karta and the one who gives happiness and prosperity.

  • The word Pushya means to nourish or nourish. Pushya is the constellation providing energy. According to this word, this constellation is considered to be nourishing with good luck, prosperity and happiness. Pushya has also been called Tishya Nakshatra by some Vedic astrologers. The word Tishya means being auspicious and this meaning also gives auspiciousness to Pushya Nakshatra.

Beloved constellation of gods
Pt. Mishra says that the works done in Pushya Nakshatra are always successful. The lord of this nakshatra is considered to be Saturn and the presiding officer Jupiter. In Shani-Pushya Yoga, things purchased due to Saturn remain permanently and due to Jupiter, it will give prosperity. In the scriptures, Guru is considered to be a factor of status, success and opulence and Saturn is considered to be a factor of domination, justice and labor, hence it is considered auspicious to do important work in the presence of Pushya Nakshatra. Purchases made in this yoga result in prosperity and auspicious results from the effects of Jupiter. Due to Shani, this prosperity and auspiciousness is permanent. Pushya is believed to be the beloved constellation of the gods. For this reason, all manglic and auspicious works can be done on this day except marriage.

What are the auspicious things to do in Pushya Nakshatra
Pushya Nakshatra is considered best for shopping. During this time, buying a vehicle, land or house is considered very beneficial. The works done in this nakshatra are free from defects and soon become successful. If Pushya Nakshatra is on Sunday, Ravi Pushya Yoga is formed. If it is on Thursday, it is called Guru-Pushya Yoga. These coincidences are considered very auspicious. This time Shani-Pushya Yoga is being made by buying metals like gold, silver, copper, happiness and prosperity will increase. Investing in land, house can also prove beneficial. Apart from these, shopping of vehicles, furniture, jewelery, electronics and other household items will also be auspicious.

  1. Pushya is a dark constellation. Anything lost in Pushya-nakshatra is found soon. In the Pushya Nakshatra all the manic works except marriage can be done.
  2. If a Pushya buys gold ornaments in the constellation of yoga, he gets permanent benefits from these things. The money received from them gives Barkat.
  3. This can also be beneficial if you want to invest in the stock of a company in Pushya Nakshatra. One should consult an expert before investing.
  4. The family also benefits from the things purchased in Pushya Yoga. The family of the buyer also gets special convenience and auspicious results.
  5. If Pushya buys a vehicle in the constellation then the chances of accident are less. It is believed that accident totals can also be postponed. However, care must be taken.
  6. This day is very beneficial for those doing business. It is a tradition to buy books and accounts on this day. It is believed that buying books and accounts in Pushya Nakshatra is very beneficial in business.
  7. It can be beneficial to invest in white colored things like rice, sugar and other things in Pushya Nakshatra. It is important to be careful before investing.
  8. Donating milk in Pushya Nakshatra gives auspicious merit. It is believed that by doing this, money related problems can also be overcome. Is resolved.
  9. It is believed that if you buy a vehicle for business in Pushya Nakshatra, then it helps to grow the business and it also starts benefiting from it.