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ramayana and its facts in hindi, life management tips by ramayana, lord shriram and sita, sita-ram | महिलाओं को छल करने वाले लोगों से भी सतर्क रहना चाहिए, वरना परेशानियां बढ़ सकती हैं

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Today is Women’s Day. There are many such people in the society, they have bad intentions on women. Such people should be tested and kept vigilant. Problems can be exacerbated for women if even a small amount of negligence is done in relation to people of criminal tendency. This can be understood from the context of Sita Haran of Ramayana.

Sri Ram-Laxman and Sita were living in Panchavati in the Ramayana. At that time, one day Sita saw the golden deer. Sita had never seen such a deer before. Sita asks Sri Ram to bring the deer. Shriram also went after the deer to fulfill Sita’s wish.

Actually, he was not a deer, Ravana’s maternal uncle was Maricha. The one who came at the behest of Ravana, changed so that he could kill Sita. Rama went to fulfill his wife’s wish and left Lakshmana to protect Sita.

As Sriram left the arrow behind the deer, Maricha called Laxman in the voice of Rama. On hearing the voice, Sita said to Lakshman that your brother is in some trouble, go and save them.

Laxman very much explained that no one can spoil Shri Ram, but at the behest of Sita, he set out in search of Shri Ram. After Laxman’s departure, Ravana reached there as a monk.

As a monk, Ravana told Sita that you have to come out of the confines of the ashram, only then I will take donations. As soon as Sita came out of Laxman Rekha, Ravana killed her.

Sita could not understand Ravana’s deceit and Ravana killed Devi. After this, Ravana kept Sita captive in Ashoka Vatika. Later Shriram Vanar arrived with the army and killed Ravana. After this, Goddess Sita became free.

Life management

The lesson of this episode is that women should be vigilant against the strong people of criminal tendency as well as those who cheat. If even a little carelessness is done in respect of deceitful people, serious trouble can come.

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