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  • While going to exile, Shri Ram did not want Sita to accompany him, but Sita did not listen, then Shri Ram respected the wish of the goddess.

Due to Kaikayi in Ramayana, King Dasharatha ordered Sri Ram to go to exile for 14 years. Devi Sita had also expressed her desire to follow along when Sri Ram was going to exile.

Shriram knew that Sita is a Sukomal princess. They have never seen the life of the forest. It is not possible for a princess to live in the forest. Shriram explained these things to Sita and said that there are also wild animals in the forest, due to them our lives may be in danger. That is why you should stay here in the palace and serve all the three mothers.

Even after Shriram’s explanation, Devi did not accept Sita and kept her husband’s service as her religion. Then Shriram respected Sita’s wish and also agreed to take her along in the forest. Goddess Sita also supported Ram every step. In every circumstance, be it happiness or sorrow, Goddess Sita stayed with Sri Ram.

At that time all kings used to do many marriages, kings had many queens, but after marriage to Sri Ram, Sita promised that they would never marry another woman. Only Sita will be his wife for the whole life. Shriram also fulfilled this promise.

Learning – The husband and wife should learn from Shriram and Sita that they should also respect the wishes of life-partner. Happiness and sorrow, whatever the time, should help each other every moment. Only then does happiness and peace prevail in the married life.

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