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Removed stem cells from my body and got them reinstated, claim- I will live 180 years | अपने शरीर से स्टेम सेल निकलवाकर फिर लगवाईं, इससे 180 साल जीने का दावा

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New York9 minutes ago

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Dave Asprey has re-transplanted them by extracting stem cells from bone marrow.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Dave Asprey has re-transplanted them by extracting stem cells from bone marrow.

American businessman and New York Times bestselling writer Dave Aspre has stem cells removed from his body bone marrow and re-transplanted. They wish to live 180 years behind the biohacking done to reverse the biological clock of the body.

He claims that this method will come in the way of mobile phones in future. Dave, 47, wants to live until 2153. For this, they are adopting cold cryotherapy chamber and special fasting method. Dave believes that if he is under 40, he can remain happy and quite active even in 100 years.

Dave has spent 7.4 million rupees on such techniques so far, to improve the entire system of the body. He says, “I have made myself in such a way that there is minimal irritation in the body by overcoming food, changing the way of sleeping and adopting old age prevention methods.”

Age study
On getting stem cells transplanted, Dave said, ‘When we are young, there are millions of stem cells in the body. As age progresses, stem cells begin to run out. Therefore I adopt intermittent fasting (intermittent feeding and fasting). In this, when the body is not digesting food, it repairs itself. Dave also relies on cryotherapy.

This is known as cold therapy. It is the process of treating the damaged tissues of the body with low temperature. Interestingly, Harvard University scientist Mark Allen has started a company to reduce age-related complications from stem cells. Harvard’s own stem cell and regenerative biology Prof. Amy Waggers is also studying how proteins change lifespan.

Launched Bulletproof Coffee to Help Weight Loss
When Dave’s health deteriorated while trekking in Tibet 17 years ago, he was offered tea with yak milk tea. This made him feel new energy. On this basis, he launched bulletproof coffee in America. It is made from MCT oil and butter. Drinking it in the morning causes weight loss.

According to Dr. Trudy Deakin, a cup of normal coffee has 500 calories. Bulletproof coffee does not contain carbohydrates. It does not allow insulin reaction. Metabolism increases the rate. The oil in it helps in reducing fat.