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sant ravidas jayanti on 27 february, quotes of sant ravidas, motivational quotes of sant ravidas | जो लोग ईर्ष्या, लालच, क्रोध, मोह, अहंकार जैसी बुराइयों से दूर रहते हैं, परमात्मा उन्हीं के हृदय में वास करते हैं

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2 hours ago

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  • Many of our problems can be overcome by learning the teachings of Sant Ravidasji in life.

Saturday, 27 February marks the full moon of Magh month and the birth anniversary of Sant Ravidas. Saint Ravidas used to say, if the mind is healed then the Ganges is in disarray. This means that if the mind is good then the Ganges can descend only in hard time. He has given many sources for happiness, peace and success in life. Many of our problems can be eradicated easily by bringing the sages of Sant Ravidas to life. Know some of their special quotes…

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