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shani ka rashifal, shani ki sadesati, shani ki dhayya, effects of shani, new year rashifal 2021 | मिथुन-तुला राशि पर शनि की ढय्या, धनु, मकर और कुंभ पर रहेगी साढ़ेसाती

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  • Saturn’s zodiac sign will not change in 2021, this planet will be retrograde on May 23

Saturn, one of the nine planets, will not change this year. This year the planet will remain in Capricorn. On 23 May, Saturn will be retrograde and on 11 October it will be retrograde. Vakri i.e. Saturn will start moving upside down and Margi means Saturn’s direct movement.

According to Pt. Manish Sharma, Jyotishacharya of Ujjain, due to Saturn of Capricorn, there will be a lot of rain on Gemini and Libra. Saturn will continue to be on the Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius sign. Some people may face difficult times in the event of dhayya and half-century. To avoid the inauspicious effects of Shani, donate oil every Saturday and chant Shana Shanshrayaraya Nam: Mantra.

Effect of Dhayya on Gemini and Libra – Both these zodiac signs have to be extra careful. Otherwise, chances of loss are likely to occur in the event of negligence. Avoid anger in small matters. Otherwise, the finished work can get worse. Those who do the job can get along with the officers, after hard work can get positive results.

Effect of half-century on Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius Saturn’s last half-century of Saturn is in progress. These people can also get benefits due to Shani. Chronic problems may end this year. Work on the planned plans can begin. The second half of Sadesati is on Capricorn. Time will be normal for them. If you work wisely, you can also get benefits. The first half of the half century is on Aquarius, there will be time for them to work extra cautiously. You will not be able to get full support of colleagues in the job