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Shani Dev Will give the judgement on all your work with big punishment- know positive and negative effects

– Know how your zodiac sign will be, the rise of Saturn in February 2021…

Factors of justice Shani Maharaj is coming back to his full effect soon due to being set down for last 1 month. Actually, Saturn is going to rise soon, it is believed that this time the judicial cycle of Saturn will revolve very fast and punish those who do wrong.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet under Vedic astrology and lasts for about two and a half years in one zodiac. Therefore, both the rise and rise of Saturn is considered very important. Currently Saturn is in Capricorn and will be living in Capricorn in the year 2021 too.

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Rise of Saturn
On January 7, 2021, Thursday, 16:02:38, the factors of justice set in Capricorn, Saturn is now going to rise in Capricorn on February 10, 2021, Wednesday 01:32:19 on the intervening night of February 9 and 10. Used to be. In such a situation, while some people are afraid of this, all these zodiac signs after the rise will provide the fruits of their actions. Due to which some will have to be part of their punishment, some will get their blessings. On this day, Sun, Guru, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Pluto planets will be present in Capricorn.

This is how the star sets off –
Among the new planets, only the Sun, Rahu and Ketu are the planets that never set. Actually, while moving near the Sun, they move in retrograde motion. And when set, the power of that planet decreases, due to which the result or result of that house gets very slow.

In such a situation, the rise of Saturn is considered very auspicious. According to astrologers, now this time with the rise of Saturn, many big issues will start to be resolved. Saturn will also do justice.

Let’s first understand the peasant movement-
Changes in the position of Saturn bring great changes in nature while there is a possibility of change in the state of governance as well. During this time it is believed that negative and evil powers increase their influence.

Saturn is a karma-dominated planet, but whenever it is disturbed, it has a wide impact. Therefore, the sinking of Saturn star or the disappearance of Shani is considered very important from astrological point of view. Because in such a situation you may face many types of challenges, especially it can have a special effect in affecting your health and karma.

Shani is also considered a factor of farming and currently there is a movement in the name of farmer in the country. In such a situation, knowing astrology, Pandit Sunil Sharma says that with the rise of Shani, this movement will start or will end. The same Saturn will also punish the evil and negative forces in this matter. Overall, positive forces will prevail in it.

Whereas the God of justice punishes them when Saturn rises. And most of this position starts shortly before the rise of Saturn, the reason for this is that due to the slow motion of Saturn, where it works comfortably and strong, there is some time before changing its location. The effect also begins to show.

Keep in mind that Saturn is a justice-loving and karma-dominated planet, so it is very important for the working people to have Saturn in their horoscope. Those in whose horoscope Saturn is in an awful state feel more troublesome in the field of jobs. In addition, Saturn in the service and justice related areas does not give favorable results.

Effects of shani uday on you: This rise of Saturn will also affect all 12 zodiac signs – know its effect on zodiac signs …

1. Aries
You can benefit greatly from the rise of Shani in the spirit of karma. Time is going to be good for the business class only because the economic conditions are strong. There is a possibility of promotion in job also.

2. Taurus
At this time your fortune will suddenly shine as your troubles go away. This time will also be good for the people working on the same field.

3. Gemini
You will get progress and benefit at this time amidst some difficulties. Time is good for investing.

4. Cancer
Stopped work will be completed, along with progress in work business, luck will also be supported. The amount change done by Saturn some time ago will also increase your honor.

5. Leo sun sign
Be careful. There are signs of money loss. Stay away from gambling, betting. The rise of Saturn will give benefits in the job.

6. Virgo sun sign
Purana tension will end. The economic side will be strengthened by increasing the means of income. There will be an increase in business amid the possibility of getting a new job.

7. Libra
Can buy new there. Work is a time of success in business.

8. Scorpio
You will get support from friends. Work business will do well amid the change of location. The right time to start a new job.

9. Sagittarius
Keep restraint on speech. Shanidev will benefit slowly. Do not be in a hurry.

10. Capricorn

New work will start well. Shani will give auspicious results. Family life will be good.

11. Aquarius
Take care of your health Time is good for students amidst the excess of spending. We can get money from abroad. Spend it thoughtfully.

12. Pisces

You will get good results. There will be success in business and profit in business. Financial condition will be good. Overall time is good.