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shani amavasya 2021 date importance time and special Tips to please Shani dev

Pleased by Shani Dev …

Shani Dev is considered to have a special importance in Sanatan Dharma, he is considered to be the God of justice along with the Sun son. Due to Shani being considered as the planet that gives the fruits of your karma in astrology, there is a fear among people about it. is.

While Shani Dev, the head of justice, punishes if he punishes. When Shani Dev’s grace pours in, he makes Ranka into a king and when he looks askew, he also makes Ranka a king.

According to Pandit and experts, according to Hindu belief, if there is a hindrance in any work of a person, in many cases it is believed that he should worship Shani Dev. It is said that Shanidev is pleased and makes bad things of a person. Along with this, a person starts getting success in every work.

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Saturn has two zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Capricorn is a variable zodiac and falls in the category of even zodiac signs. In the body, it is mainly a symbol of knees. Vata is the lord of nature, nightly, Vaishya caste and south direction.

The second sign of Saturn is Aquarius. Aquarius is said to be the first child of odd zodiac, male head, stable nature, daybali, lord of west direction, cruel nature, beloved of religion and Shudra.

Shanidev is related to human actions and fruits. It is said that both the marriage of a person and the happiness of children are not without the grace of Shani Dev. Pleasing Shani Dev can be done with some special measures. At the same time, it is also believed that the tasks which are completed by the grace of Shani, they are very strong.

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This is how to worship Shani Dev …
1. On Saturday, worshiping Saturn gives special benefits before sunrise or after sunset.

2. Lamp of sesame oil should be lit sitting on a black or blue pedestal.

3. The person should do Pranayama by turning his face towards the west.

4. Continue to recite Shanisrot 7 times in the morning and evening for 27 days.

5. Pray to Shanidev for your problem.

Shani Mantra: For forgiveness (Shani Mantra)
Apradhasahastrani kriyanteharnisham maya. Forgiveness of God in slavery.
Past sins, past sorrows, past poverty. Agata: Sukh-sampati punyoham tav darshanat.

Shani Dev Mantra
There are many mantras of Shani Dev mentioned in the scriptures and different benefits are associated with each mantra. Anyone can recite these mantras and these mantras are considered effective.

Shani Dev Mantra – 1
Om Pranmin Pryam Sasanaye Namah.
These mantras are done more by Tantric mantras of Shani Dev and chanting of this mantra.

Shani Mantra – 2
Om Shanno Devirabhishtapo Bhavantupitaye.
This is the Vedic mantra of Shani Dev and by chanting it, Shani Dev keeps calm in the horoscope.

Shani Dev Mantra – 3
Om shan Shanaishcharya Namah.
This is the monolithic mantra of Shani Dev and by chanting it, evil wrath of Shani can be avoided.

Shani Mantra – 4
Um bhagabhavaya vidmahain mrtyurupaya dhimahi tanno shani: prachodyat.
Gayatri Mantra is also associated with Shani Dev and chanting this mantra brings peace to the mind.

Take special care of these things …
1. One should always worship Shani Dev before sunrise or after sunset.

2. A person should always worship Lord Shani by wearing clean clothes and bathing.

3. Always mustard oil or sesame oil should be used in the worship of Shani Dev.

4. A person should always worship Shani Dev with a calm mind.

5. Worship Lord Shani by sitting on a black or blue color posture.

6. Worship Shani under the Peepal tree.