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Shanishchari Amavasya why it’s so special- Here is the region

The Amavasya that falls on the Krishna side of Falgun month is called Falgun Amavasya. Actually, the day of Amavasya of Falgun Krishna Paksha is considered to be special for bathing, donation-shraddh etc. This time due to fall on this day Saturday, it will be called Shani Amavasya 2021.

This Amavasya is especially fruitful for the attainment of happiness, wealth and good fortune. The fast of Falgun Amavasya (Falgun Amavasya 2021) is observed for happiness and peace in life. Along with this, tarpan and shraadh are also done on this day for the peace of the souls of the fathers. If Amavasya is on Som, Mangal, Guru or Saturday, then it is more fruitful than solar eclipse.

In religious books, Shanishchari Amavasya is very important. On this day, along with the worship of ancestors, worship of Shani Dev is considered special. It is said that on this day Shani Dev becomes very happy by worshiping Lord SHANI and taking measures for him. This time Shani Amavasya is on Saturday, March 13.

Auspicious time of Shani Amavasya (shani amavasya)
Amavasya Tithi starts – March 12, Friday 15:04:32 (3 o’clock, 4 minutes 32 seconds)

Amavasya Tithi ends – March 13, Saturday 15:52:49 (noon 3: 52 minutes 49 seconds).

Shanishchari Amavasya why it's so special

According to religious belief, Falgun Amavasya is the abode of the deities in the holy rivers, so bathing in the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati is of special importance on this day. If Falgun Amavasya is on Monday, then Mahakumbh bath is also formed on this day, which is infinitely fruitful.

Importance of Shani Shachari Amavasya …
Shani Dev gives fruits to a person on the basis of his karma. Shani Dev (Lord Shani), whose guru is Lord Shiva himself, gives a lot of happiness when he is happy, but when someone does something wrong, he cannot escape from the sight of Shani.

The day of Shanishchari Amavasya (shanishchari amavasya) is very good for getting rid of the troubles related to Saturn such as Saturn’s Sati-Sati and Dhaiyya. Also, one can get rid of Pitra dosha etc. on this day.

Special in Shani Amavasya (shani amavasya) …
According to astrology experts, the troubles caused by the effects of the inauspicious Saturn in the horoscope get rid of Saturn on the new moon day. Lord Shani is the god of justice. Those who give fruits according to karma. If you give blessings on proper karma, then punishment for doing something wrong, no one can escape the sight of Saturn altogether. On this day, the inauspicious effects of Saturn’s Sati-Sati, Dhaiya and Kalasarpa Yoga can be calmed to a great extent.

In such a situation, the day of Shani Sashri Amavasya on Saturday, March 13, is very good for getting rid of problems related to Saturn, like Saturn’s half-Sati and Dhaiyya. Also, one can get rid of Pitra dosha etc. on this day.

Falgun Amavasya: Learn fast and religious deeds
According to religious belief, fasts and religious deeds performed on the day of Phalgun Amavasya are immediately fruitful. The offering of ancestors on every Amavasya also has special significance. The religious activities performed on this day are as follows-

-: On this day, take a bath in a river, reservoir or pool, and after offering arghya to the sun god, offer the ancestors.

-: Fast for the peace of the ancestors and give alms to any poor person.

-: Put a lamp of mustard oil under the peepal tree in the evening on Amavasya and remember your fathers. Do seven circles of Peepal.

-: After worshiping Rudra, Agni and Brahmins, offer them Naivedya of Urad, Curd and Puri etc. and also consume the same substances once.

-: Go to the Shiva temple, anoint Shiva with raw cow’s milk, curd, honey and offer black sesame to him.

-: Amavasya is also considered to be the day of Shani Dev. Therefore it is necessary to worship them on this day. Offer blue flowers in the Shani temple for Amavasya. Offer black sesame, black whole urad, bitter oil, kajal and black cloth.

Special remedies for Shanishchari Amavasya …
: Must worship Mata Kali on the day of Shanishchari Amavasya, Goddess Maa Kali is considered to be the goddess governing Shani, so recitation of Mata Kali helps to protect you from many side effects of Shani.
On the day of Shani Amavasya (shani amavasya), burn seven lamps, black sesame, mustard oil, iron nail under peepal tree in the evening. After this, chant the mantra ‘Oun Shan Shanaishrai Namah’.

To get the blessings of Shani Dev …
To get the grace of Shani, always do good deeds and avoid wrongdoing.
– Make ughi dal khichdi and offer it to Lord Shani.
– Mantra of Shani, chant Shani Shanashrai Namah after sunset.

: Due to Shani dosha, there are obstacles in your work, then bring a tree of Shami, also known as Khejdi, to the pot and put black sesame in the pot around it and burn the mustard oil lamp in front of it. Let’s chant this mantra 11 times.
mantra – May you drink my sweet deity, Lord Shiva, Stavantu Nah.

: If your horoscope has Shani Dosh, ½ and a half, or Shani Dhaiya, then on Saturday, keep a face in a steel or iron bowl with mustard oil under the root of the Pipal and see it face down under the root of the tree Give. By this, your Saturn will be cured and you will also get special benefits.

: The person who has got Pitra Dosha lit a lamp under the Peepal tree today and kept chanting ‘Om Brahm Devi Namah’ while doing seven revolutions of Peepal with milk, Ganga water, black sesame in a bronze vessel After completion of the circumambulation, offer a thread in the peep.

What to donate to please Shani (Lord Shani)
To please Shani, donate black cloth, black sesame, black urad, iron utensils, umbrella, shoes, mustard oil, mustard oil meal in the evening to the needy people.

: If you are troubled by the movement of Saturn’s half-Sati or Dhaiyya, then you should recite the Shani source. Also, one should wear a proven Shani Yantra. Today, Saturn is the best day to wear Shani Yantra on the new moon day.

: Offer black or white things in Prasad on this day and pray that O Brahma Deva, O Shani Dev, O Pitru Deva, if we have made a mistake, forgive me. Cheer on us and bless us. After this, meditate on this verse.

For the peace of Saturn…
Konasya: Pingalon Vrabhru: Krishna Raudrantakare Yama :.
Solar: Schneischer Mand Pippaldel Recommended.
Atati dashan naabhani pratrukthai ya pathot.
Shanishchare krita pida na madachid bhavishyati.

To please Shani …
– Worship Shani daily only after sunset.
– In the evening, see Hanuman ji and Bhairav ​​ji.
– Read the ten names of Saturn under the Peepal tree key.

In many areas of the country, it is also called ‘Darsha Amavasya’, because this Amavasya is falling on Saturday. The religious belief is that the moon does not appear all night on the day of Shani Saschari Amavasya and wishes for happiness, prosperity and welfare of the family on this special day. There is a belief in Hinduism that ancestors should also be worshiped on Saturnachari Amavasya. This day is very special for the worship of ancestors.

This time Amavasya will be worshiped on Saturday. Because of Saturday, this Amavasya is also known as Shanishchari Amavasya. The worship of Phalgun Amavasya is believed to bring happiness and peace in life. On this Amavasya, Tarapan and Shraddha Karma are also performed for the peace of the ancestors. On this day, bathing and donation are also said to be special.

According to astrology, the color of Shani Dev is black and the night of Amavasya is also black, so it is very dear to Shani. Saturn’s control over all our good or bad deeds increases their importance. It is believed that if Saturn is in the zodiac or exalted house of the horoscope, then a person gets great success in a very short time. Such a person gets the honor as well as wealth at an early age and the person is always on the right path.

Shanishchari Amavasya: Make fathers happy like this …

– Take a clean bath after bathing on the day of Shani Sashri.

– facing the south side of the house, apologize to the ancestors for their mistake and donate this food to a Brahmin or a needy person.

– Feed green fodder to the cow and keep food in the name of ancestors under the peepal.

– Clean the home kitchen and make Kheer with pure food.

– Donate medicines, clothes, food till the evening in the name of fathers.

It is believed that by doing this, family distress and business-related problems are eliminated.