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Shaniwar Ke Totke Sarso Ke Tel Ka Totka In Hindi – शनिवार को चुपचाप करें सरसों के तेल का यह उपाय, घर में बरसने लगेगा पैसा

Do you also know that there are some measures taken on Saturday which can change your life overnight.

Saturdays have been described as very special in Tantric texts. It is said that the work done on Saturday has a lasting effect and continues to benefit them for a long time. Not only this, astrologers also tell the day of Saturday to buy land, gold, silver etc. and start a new business. But do you know that there are some measures taken on Saturday which can change your life overnight.

Do this remedy on Thursday, luck will change by pinching, all troubles will be removed

In 2021, the combination of Shani-Guru will make these zodiacal millionaires, success in love relationship too

Do this remedy of mustard oil in peepal tree
The remedy of mustard oil is one such remedy. If Saturn is hurting in your horoscope, or if a problem has come up that is unable to be resolved, then remedy for mustard oil is suggested. The remedy is very simple but its effect is infallible. You don’t have to do anything. At sunset on Saturday, a mustard oil lamp is lit in a peepal tree present in a temple. After that, without looking back, you can return home without talking to anyone.

If there is any kind of financial problem, it will also go away and money will start coming in the house. By doing this remedy, not only does the problems of accidentally end, but also the sufferings of Shani and Rahu disappear immediately. Apart from this, there is another solution which you can do on Saturday. This is the solution for the Sundarkand text.

This is how to measure Sundarkand
After 8 pm on Saturday, lit a lamp of desi ghee at home and sit in front of Bajrang Bali and recite the Sundarkand of Ramcharit Manas. Offer flowers, garlands, prasad etc. to Hanumanji and read the family every Saturday. By this, not only Saturn but all other planets end their bad effects.