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Sheetla mata facts in hindi, sheetla saptmi significance, festival in chaitra month | शीतला माता करती हैं गधे की सवारी और पहनती हैं नीम के पत्तों की माला, ये हैं देवी मां से जुड़ी खास बातें

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On Sunday, April 4, the Mahaparava of Sheetla Mata is being celebrated. Those who worship the Mother Goddess, they only eat cold or stale food throughout the day. Because of the distinction in Hindi almanacs, Sheetla Saptami Tithi is being celebrated on Sunday in some places, while in some almanacs, on Sunday, Shitala Ashtami is declared. In such a situation, this festival can be celebrated on the basis of the date indicated in the almanac of your region.

Know from Jyotishacharya Pt Manish Sharma of Ujjain, why you should eat cold food on Sheetla Saptami and Ashtami.

Sheetla Mata rides donkey, holds kalash, broom, soup (soup) in her hands and she holds a garland of neem leaves. Goddess Maa is a tradition of offering cold food.

This form of Mother Goddess shows the importance of cleanliness. Those who do not take care of cleanliness, they may have to face many diseases. This is the message of the Mother Goddess, keep cleanliness in your house and around the house.

Consuming neem leaves in this season protects against many seasonal diseases. You can also take a bath by mixing neem leaves in water. Many skin related diseases are cured by this.

Sheetla Saptami and Ashtami dates fall in the winter and summer season. Now is the time for winter and summer. According to Pt Sharma, food should be taken special care in the treaty of two seasons.

If necessary precautions are taken in the court of seasons, then many seasonal diseases are prevented. The negligence in eating and drinking is more harmful for health.

On these dates, a fast is observed for Sheetla Mata. People observing this fast eat stale or cold food in these days. Eating cold food on Saptami or Ashtami reduces the chances of phlegm related diseases due to the outbreak of cold.

Taking cold food once a year in winter and summer season also benefits the stomach and digestive system. Many people are prone to fever, boils, pimples, eye problems etc. due to cold, they should eat stale food on Sheetla Saptami or Ashtami every year. People worshiping Sheetla Mata should avoid having hot food on these dates.

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