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Shukra Makar Rashi Parivartan (Venus Transit in Aries) 2021; Rashifal (Astrological) Predictions For Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs | नौकरी और बिजनेस में 7 राशियों के लिए रहेगा फायदे वाला समय, इनकम भी बढ़ेगी

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  • Shukra Makar Rashi Parivartan (Venus Transit In Aries) 2021; Rashifal (Astrological) Predictions For Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius And Other Zodiac Signs

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  • Due to change in the movement of Venus, people with Cancer, Libra and Scorpio may suffer losses, expenses will also increase.

Venus will enter Aries on 10 April. This planet will remain in this zodiac till May 4. People with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will benefit from the influence of Venus. There will be chances of getting wealth in job and business. Happiness will increase and hobbies will be fulfilled. Apart from these, there will be mixed time for people with Taurus and Virgo signs. If people with these 2 zodiac signs benefit, then expenses will also remain. There will be happiness, but you will have to work harder. There will be totals of races and yatras. At the same time, people with Cancer, Libra and Scorpio will have to be careful. The cost of people of these 3 zodiac signs can increase. Care has to be taken in transactions and investments. Wealth is becoming the sum of loss.

Effect of Venus zodiac sign on 12 zodiac signs

Aries: Time will be good for love life and married life. Everyday tasks will be completed easily and there are chances of getting benefits in them. Money will also be benefited. Will get fame. Progress in job and business will also be possible.
Taurus This time will be mixed. Some unsolicited events may occur. Disputes have to be avoided. Expenses may increase. Be careful about your health The influence of Venus will lead to changes in the way we work in jobs and business. People from far off places will get help. Yogas are also being made.
Gemini: Progressions are being made in jobs and business. It will be a good time for love life. Stopped money can be found. These days of hard work will benefit in the coming days. Property related issues will also come up.
Cancer: There can be ups and downs in jobs and business. Unwanted conditions can also be created. Hard work and running will remain. There will be tension about a particular work. One has to be careful about health. There may be controversy with people working nearby and together. Be careful.
Lion: People of Leo sign will get lucky with the change in Venus’s gait. People around and working together can get help. You will get full benefit of hard work. The sum of religious visits will be made. There will be progress in job and business. There is a possibility of promotion and increment.
Virgo: Due to Venus, the expenses of Virgo people can increase. Some secrets of the secret are being revealed. Travel may cost. You will have to work harder in job and business. The hard work done at this time will be benefited in the coming days.
Libra: Everyday tasks can get interrupted. There will be ups and downs in married life. You have to be careful about your health as well. Secret things related to jobs and business can be revealed. Time may be spoiled in ostentatious works. Plans may also remain incomplete.
Scorpio: Your expenses may increase due to Venus. People from far off places will not be able to get help. Enemies can also cause trouble. Health fluctuations will remain. There can also be a dispute in married life. Everyday tasks will not be completed on time.

Sagittarius: Enemies will prevail. There will be a beneficial time. Money will be available in job and business. Mama Paksha can help. Concern with children will end. New plans related to jobs and business will be made and work will start on them. Health will also improve.

Capricorn: Happiness will increase with Venus. Employed people will get help from the authorities. You can get the benefit of old hard work at this time. Progressions are being made in the job. Business can benefit. Time is good for transactions and investment. There are chances of being benefited. Property related works will also be completed. Vehicle shopping totals are being created.

Aquarius: Help will come from siblings, friends and people who work together. There will be hard work and luck will also be available. Yogas are being formed. There will be expenses for shopping for Manglik works and other auspicious works. Property and vehicle shopping will be formed. Worries about mother’s health will be removed.

Pisces: Saving will increase. Wealth is becoming the sum of profit. You can get your work done by speaking well in jobs and business. Income can increase. People working with the effect of Venus will help. Some secret things and information can be revealed.

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